To Clarify and Re-jig

Now that we are a couple of weeks into our odyssey toward wherever it is we end-up, things are starting to emerge from the fog and perhaps we need to shed a little light. Or something.

Either way, there have been some questions, so:

  1. We don’t know where we will get with the Hedgehog Poetry Press, but we’d like to be honest about it.
  2. So, to be clear, whilst we aren’t yet in a position to pay people who have work appear in ‘A Restricted View From Under The Hedge,’ hopefully we will one day. Until then, the least we can do is make sure that contributors get a comp. copy of the magazine. There may be badges too.
  3. If we produce anthologies (such as the one we are aiming to publish based on the ‘Road To Clevedon Pier’ competition, again, everybody that is in the book will get a copy. You don’t have to buy the book to be in it. That seems to concern many people.
  4. Over the last week, we have realised that in our enthusiasm, we seem to have confused people by having too many options available. So for now, we have withdrawn the Challenges. These will be back in the new year and I’ll be emailing everybody who entered the current one with further details.

And that is about that for now.

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