February Challenge: How To Age Aluminium (And Other Tales)

The February Challenge

Deadline For Entries: 25th February 2020

Winners Announced: SOON!


The Challenge:

I’m sure that we all do other things and have talents that have nothing to do with poetry and it struck me this morning when I was belatedly trying to think of this month’s challenge, that to the outside world, some of the skills you pick-up along the way may seem odd or at least interesting and may be worthy of a wee poem.

For myself, I spend a lot of time making guitars all shiny and new and then (quite oddly, I’ll admit) destroying them totally by making them look all battered and decades old.

To do this so that it looks vaguely authentic, I have had to learn to do some odd things, one of which is to make shiny new aluminium look all corroded and old – aged. (This mainly involved a couple of chemicals and a dishwasher, but I won’t bore you.)

The challenge then is to share one of your own secrets of the trade, whatever your trade may be. It doesn’t have to be work, it can be the way you keep your seedlings lined-up as easily as it can be the fact that you polish your silverware with HP Sauce, but tell us something we don’t know, and do it in the form of a poem.

We’ll put the best in a wee Stickleback now that life is getting more organised.



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