Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #7 – Kristin Garth

Well, blimey, where is the Summer going?

Actually, looking out of the window at the rains and gales, it is more a case of wondering whether it ever arrived?

Anyway, to warm you up in front of your three-bar this week, we have the wonderful genius that is Kristin Garth. A prelude to her full ‘Candy Cigarette’ collection, Kristin did us a brilliant wee Stickleback and I am proud to offer it to thee here for your delectation.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Stickleback: Kristin Garth (37 downloads)



Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #6 – Songs to Learn & Sing

We thought we would do something a little bit different this week and rather than a Stickleback, I hope you like our music inspired anthology of 20 Golden Greats.

The idea for ‘Songs to Learn & Sing’ was that we would ask poets to choose their favourite song, shamelessly steal the title and then use that as a trigger for their own poem.

Needless to say the approaches were as varied as the results were excellent, and I was more than pleased to select the best of them for our 7″ Vinyl sized book.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Friday Fish Supper - Songs to Learn & Sing (80 downloads)


Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #4 – Penelope Shuttle

Penelope Shuttle

I have to say that I am more than rather proud to say that this week’s Free Fish Supper offers you a beautiful wee collection of poems from the genius that is Penelope Shuttle.

This is something particularly special and we hope that you will read, enjoy and then pass the good news on to the rest of the world. Some poems and poets just deserve to be read.

Have a lovely weekend.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Stickleback: Penelope Shuttle (108 downloads)

“Conversationally Speaking” – Results

I’m many kinds of pleased to be able to announce that the awesome Nigel Kent and Sarah Thomson have finished their deliberations and that I can now announce the results of our ‘Conversationally Speaking’ Competition. If you remember, the idea is that we would look for a conversation in verse where two poets choose a topic and collaborate to produce a body of work where each poem is a response to the one before.

Sarah and Nigel have already produced two Conversations for Hedgehog which have been published already and I was delighted when they agreed to bring their unique knowledge to the idea to the judging and I would like to thank them both for the hard work and time they have put into the process.

Judges Report:
“We must say we were in awe of the stamina, effort and vigour which informed each of the submissions. Every entry was clearly the product of a significant investment of time and we enjoyed reading the variety of approaches and subjects. There were some stunning individual poems and we commend every collaborative pair who submitted and hope that whilst your submission may not have made the short-list, you will have found the process rewarding.

We looked for a collection that demonstrated evenness in quality, each poem, needing to demonstrate originality, inventiveness and accomplishment in both style and form. In addition, the collection needed to have a coherent call-response structure: we looked at how each poem related to the poems that preceded and followed it. The winner, Dawn Gorman & Rosie Jackson’s ‘Aloneness is a many-headed bird’ impressed us because it not only fulfilled all these criteria but it also immediately drew the reader into the conversation between the two poets on both an intellectual and an emotional level and sustained attention from start to finish. It was a very impressive piece of work!”

Nigel Kent & Sarah Thomson
July 2019

The full results are:

Winners: Dawn Gorman & Rosie Jackson ‘Aloneness is a many-headed bird’

Runner up: Rae Howells and Jean James ‘Bloom and Bones’

Both Dawn and Rosie and Rae and Jean have been invited to have their Conversations published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Highly Commended:

  1. Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe & Diana Devlin ‘Dancing with Ghosts’
  2. Hugh McMillan and Jane Frank ‘A Kist and a Field of Stars’
  3. Maureen Cullen and Patricia M Osborne ‘Sherry and Sparkly’

Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #2 – Jeremy Reed

Jeremy Reed

Wow, a week has gone since we shared Melissa Fu’s lovely Stickleback, and I am pleased to say that it is now time for #2 in our series of Free  Friday Night Fish Suppers.

This week we have a man that quite simply is a legend.

Bjork has called his work ‘the most beautiful, outrageously brilliant poetry in the world’ and Seamus Heaney said that, ‘Reed’s poetry is full of rich and careful writing, dense with pleasure in words that pleasure the world and waken us to its lovely surprises’.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Stickleback: Jeremy Reed (149 downloads)

‘Jeremy Reed is a legend. What more can you fucking ask?’ Pete Doherty

‘Jeremy Reed’s talent is almost extraterrestrial in its brilliance. He is Rimbaud reconfigured as the Man who fell to Earth, a visitor from deep space whose time machine was designed by Lautreamont and de Sade, and powered by the most exotic fuels the imagination has ever devised.’ J.G. Ballard

‘In its detail and ambition alone, Orange Sunshine confirms Reed’s place as a great lyric poet of pop’s shadow.’ Michael Bracewell

‘The most beautiful, outrageously brilliant poetry in the world’. Bjork

‘When Patti Smith meets Rimbaud at Graceland, the result is Jeremy Reed’s Heartbreak Hotel’. Edmund White

‘Jeremy Reed is the real definition of British poetry now and deserves to be worshipped himself’. Richard Hell

‘One of the most original virtuoso voices to be heard in the poetry of our time’. Lawrence Ferlinghetti

‘The man is light worlds apart from his contemporaries in poetry’. Andrew Loog Oldham

‘Reed’s poetry is full of rich and careful writing, dense with pleasure in words that pleasure the world and waken us to its lovely surprises’. Seamus Heaney

‘Nicely Folded Paper’ Competition – Deux : Results

I am more than delighted to announce the results of  our second ever ‘Nicely Folded Paper’ competition, that I had originally planned would see Three winners have a pamphlet of their work published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press in the nearest of futures.

I realise that it is traditional to say that it was a difficult choice but I won’t let that stop me saying that it has been extremely hard to narrow this down to a shortlist, in no particular order, of:

  1. Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon
  2. Sally Spedding 
  3. Patricia M. Osborne
  4. Darren Beaney
  5. David Hale
  6. K.T. Slattery

As for the winners, I’m pleased to say that I have invited all Six of the shortlisted poets to have their pamphlet published as sometimes collections are too good to be allowed to escape.

Many thanks to everybody that entered the competition, it is as ever much appreciated.


Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #1 – Melissa Fu’s ‘String & Circumstance’

Melissa Fu – Always Cool

We are really rather proud to announce that every Friday evening during the Summer of 2019 we will be giving away a Free Fish Supper to everybody that wants one, here at The Hedgehog Poetry Press in the shape of a Free to Download Stickleback.

So Soul Food rather than Sole Food, but fulfilling nonetheless.

This week sees a rather wonderful selection of poems from Melissa Fu, ‘String & Circumstance,’ which I am sure that you will enjoy extremely muchly.


To download your own copy, just click on the download link below:

Stickleback: Melissa Fu (173 downloads)

‘Selected or Neglected’ Book Collection Competition – RESULTS

I’m really pleased to say that after a great deal of (enjoyable) reading, I’m pleased to be able to announce both the winner and shortlisted poets for our first annual ‘Selected or Neglected’ Book Collection Competition.

The Shortlisted Poets, are:

1. Alison Lock
2. Charlotte Domanski
3. Gerry Stewart
4. Janet Philo
5. Maggie Mackay
6. Martin Malone
7. Patrick Osada
8. Phil Hawtin
9. Ross McGivern
10. Tanya Prudente

This was a ridiculously difficult decision, especially given the diversity of style across the shortlist, but in the end I am really pleased to say that Gerry Stewart was the overall winner and will be invited to have her collection published in beautiful book form during 2020.

This is much deserved, but I should also say that both Martin Malone and Tanya Prudente are to be regarded as ‘Highly Commended.’

Thank you again to everybody that took the time to collate their work and submit it for this.