LAUNCH – Nigel Kent’s ‘Saudade’ – Come & Join Us!

Sunday the 22nd of September  is Launch Night for Nigel Kent’s quite wonderful ‘Saudade’ and if you can get to The Swan on New Street in Worcester between 7 & 10pm you would be in for a fine time.

Joining Nigel for a feast of verse are our very own Raine Geoghegan and Sarah Thomson along with Polly Stretton and Charley Barnes.

Nigel will of course be signing copies of the first edition, but if you can’t make it to the launch you can of course buy a copy direct from the chap himself.

Full details Here


Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #12 Debjani Chatterjee

Well, it may be getting a wee bit darker of an evening, but we seem to be stretching our Friday Night Freebies a bit longer and I’m really pleased that this week it is something a little special from Debjani Chatterjee.

As it happens, Debjani will be the first person to have two Sticklebacks after winning a poll of our Cult members earlier this year, but you’ll have to wait a while for that one.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Debjani Chatterjee (20 downloads)


Autumn Books – ‘they lit fires – lenti hatch o yog’ by Raine Geoghegan

Another forthcoming title this August is a fantastic pamphlet from the brilliant Raine Geoghegan, ‘they lit fires – lenti hatch o yog.’

Following on from ‘Apple Water : Povel Panni’ this is a selection of Raine’s Monologues, Haibun and Songs and is one of the coolest things I have read in years. and definitely one of the most beautiful.

This will be available to pre-order soon and again, I would urge you to get it from the source and buy a signed copy direct from Raine, although of course Cult members will find a copy in their Goody Boxes too.

More on how you can do that soon.




Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #11 – Phil Vernon

I’m not allowed to play favourites when it comes to our Stickleback Poets, but I have to admit the whole thing was a bit of a pet project/mad idea I had dreamed-up and if I am totally honest I wasn’t really sure whether it would work or not.

That was until Phil Vernon delivered his take on the whole concept, as along with those from Gaynor Kane and André Naffis-Sahely which arrived on the same day, I just knew that each of them, whilst looking similar, could be a unique and beautifully individual slice of special entirely on their own terms. Because of course it is about what the poet has to say, not the fish on the front.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Phil Vernon (12 downloads)

I realise that I said these would be for the Summer, but I think I’ll carry on for a wee while yet, if you don’t mind.

Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #10 – Martin Malone

Martin Malone

Well, another week and another Free Fish Supper and this week I am more than somewhat honoured to be able to present a wee Stickleback the Rock Star’s Rock Star, Martin Malone put together for us not so very long ago.

Martin is a quiet genius of a poet until he is holding his faithful Rickenbacker and I just know you will love this micro-collection. Utter class.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Stickleback: Martin Malone (123 downloads)

More next week if I can find a way to follow that. Enjoy!

Autumn Books – Nigel Kent’s ‘Saudade’ – Coming Soon

It is a bit of a whirl at the moment after a few months of not-a-lot happening for one reason or another and I’m really pleased to be able to report that Nigel Kent’s rather awesome ‘Saudade’ is going to go to print in the nearest of futures.

The first of many, I should say.

I’ve realised that I don’t mention such things as often as I should, so expect to see more pretty pictures very soon.


Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #9 – Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon

Blimey, I seem to have managed to do this on the right day this week, which is a fine thing as it means that you get to spend your Friday Night enjoying the perpetually awesome Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon as we share her quite wonderfilled (wonderfilleted?) Stickleback and you discover your new favourite poet for Free.

Isn’t it cool when everybody is happy?

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Stickleback - Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon (48 downloads)


Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #8 – Mick Yates

Wow, you know that thing where you say that you are going to do something every week and then you totally forget to do it?

Well, I’m delighted to belatedly welcome you to Friday Night’s Free Fish Supper download with a quite brilliant Stickleback from one of my favourite poets, Mr Mick Yates.

As the regular Hog Watcher will know, we have a collection from Mick in the near future and this definitely gives you a wee flavour of that.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Mick Yates (35 downloads)



Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #7 – Kristin Garth

Well, blimey, where is the Summer going?

Actually, looking out of the window at the rains and gales, it is more a case of wondering whether it ever arrived?

Anyway, to warm you up in front of your three-bar this week, we have the wonderful genius that is Kristin Garth. A prelude to her full ‘Candy Cigarette’ collection, Kristin did us a brilliant wee Stickleback and I am proud to offer it to thee here for your delectation.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Stickleback: Kristin Garth (66 downloads)



Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #6 – Songs to Learn & Sing

We thought we would do something a little bit different this week and rather than a Stickleback, I hope you like our music inspired anthology of 20 Golden Greats.

The idea for ‘Songs to Learn & Sing’ was that we would ask poets to choose their favourite song, shamelessly steal the title and then use that as a trigger for their own poem.

Needless to say the approaches were as varied as the results were excellent, and I was more than pleased to select the best of them for our 7″ Vinyl sized book.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Friday Fish Supper - Songs to Learn & Sing (98 downloads)