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We are rather proud to announce that the first of the Limited Print Editions of Stickleback are now available to pre-order for the princely sum of only £2 each – delivered anywhere that a stamp will take them.

These really are something special, but there will only be a single print run, so when they are gone, they really are, well, gone.

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About Us

The Hedgehog Poetry Press began as an idea in October 2017, but didn’t truly launch until April 2018 with its first issue of the magazine ‘A Restricted View From Under The Hedge.’

Since then, we have launched our own Cult – The Cult of the Spiny Hog – which is surely a one of a kind, offering our members everything we publish alongside a range of competitions and writing challenges that hit them from every angle.

Our latest innovation is the forthcoming launch of Stickleback a new type of magazine that will be available for Free on-line at least a couple of times each month, both in anthology and micro collection form, but also as a pamphlet too, here and there.

We are also the home of the 100 Vapour Trails initiative that saw 100 EMPTY pamphlets get passed to poets as we asked them to handwrite a poem into the book, upload a photograph of the page and then hand the book on to another poet to do the same.

There is a web site, already full of some quite brilliant poems Here.

There will be plenty more to come too, we already have plans for a fine selection of Single Poet Collections including work from Raine Geoghegan, David Mark Williams, Sue Burge, Kristin Garth, Karen Dennison, Amy Alexander, Matt Duggan and Elisabeth Horan and after that, well, who knows.

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1 day ago
Just a quick Thank You to the wonderful @kenyon_isabelle of @fly_press for my raffle prize... 🙂

Well worth entering the new raffle - I'm one of life's natural losers, so if I can win, you surely can

#imaloserbabynomore #poetryraffle #supportanindie
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1 day ago
An awesome book.. https://t.co/YUKw0oPNVW
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Greg Freeman @gregfreempoet
'A rich procession of phantoms and monsters' ... Janice Dempsey @JaniceOhno reviews 'Ghosting for Beginners' by Anna Saunders @AnnaSaund1 @IndigoDreamsPub @WriteOut_Loud https://t.co/6BjGTApGKX https://t.co/1FXawfHIHZ
1 day ago
The spiritual home of Ms. Kristin garth

@lolaandjolie https://t.co/aI5VzE7l49
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Warwicks. What's On @WhatsOnWarwicks
Enjoy an illustrated talk from the @ShakespeareBT Collections Team on 30 October, learning about early modern history, exploring theatre memorabilia and studying the fascinating history of Stratford-upon-Avon.
MORE > https://t.co/TGkMBYP3yr https://t.co/ecqERgJGwt
2 days ago
Yay! https://t.co/IONFi2lJ5A
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Doodles & Scribbles @doodlyscribbles
HOORAY! Our #NewBook is available NOW to preorder from our website https://t.co/aq8jw9Cbe9 and 10% proceeds from our #Hedgehog book sales will go to @HedgehogSociety during Oct & Nov. The perfect #ChildrensGift - stock up now and #Christmas is sorted! https://t.co/GDFQAOsdNJ
2 days ago
Deadline Approaching -
We are looking for First Collections from Poets of ANY AGE in our 'White Label Collection' Competition.

So whether you are 17 or 70+ - There is no Expiry Date on Talent

@PoetrySociety @natpoetrylib #poetry #Competition https://t.co/UPGRj8XotZ
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2 days ago
The Deadline is approaching on our 'Songs of Lenin & McCarthy' Competition with cash prizes and the shortlisted poets appearing in our 7" Vinyl inspired anthology.
Closing Date: 31 October 2018 Judge: Matt Duggan


#poetry #competition @natpoetrylib https://t.co/6hUfhZtA8N
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