White Label -Deux – First Collection Competition RESULTS

I’m really rather proud to be able to announce the winners of our second White Label First Collection Competition.

If you remember the aim was to find three, quite brilliant first collections to be published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

We were looking for something special and it was a horrible process even to get it down to a short list of six, all of whom could easily have made the final three.

In the end, I’m pleased to say that I decided to blow the budget (as though we had one) and am in fact inviting all of the Six Shortlisted Poets to have their collection published as a pamphlet by the Hedgehog Press.

So congratulations to:

  1. Francoise Chouinard
  2. Gaynor Kane
  3. Leung Rachel Ka Yin
  4. Michal Choiński
  5. Sue Norton, and
  6. Vicky Allen

…who I hope you will enjoy reading in the near future.

I’d like to thank everybody who entered the competition, the standard was, as ever, quite incredible.

RESULTS: The 1st Annual Cupid’s Arrow Love Poem Competition

We are really proud to announce the results of our ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ competition to find the perfect Love Poem and that the winner is the quite brilliant Eileen Carney Hulme.

The full shortlist, was:

Eileen Carney Hulme
Aimee Hill
Oz Hardwick
Peter Burrows
S.A. Leavesley
Aaron Sheldrake
Mehran Waheed
Dani Salvadori
Ama Bolton
Demi Anter
Tammy Swift-Adams
Renée Ballerini-Sigel
Diana Devlin
Mono Ghose
William Paul Trapani
Missy Reddy
John Maxwell O’Brien
Dawn Bauling
Phil Hawtin
Natalie Crick

This has proven to be the most popular competition yet and I’d like to thank everybody who entered for making my life quite so difficult.

I’m also really pleased to say that we will be publishing the shortlisted poems in a special edition of Stickleback which will be available in April.


Full Fat Collection Competition: The Winner Is…

I’m pleased to say that after much cogitation, I am able to announce that the winner of our Full Fat Collection Competition, as chosen by David Mark Williams, is Oz Hardwick for his collection, The Lithium Codex.

David Mark Williams, who judged it, said,

“As soon as I started reading this collection I sensed I was in the presence of greatness. I had no doubts at all that this was the winner. These prose poems have the authority of a classic. It is not just the inventiveness of the writing but its precision. While each poem gives the impression of being improvised what impresses is how skillfully the effects are realised. It’s been such a privilege to be privy to having discovered this work and to ensure that it is going to be published.”

Oz’ Collection will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press during 2019.

The full Short List was:

  1. Alastair Hesp
  2. Beda Higgins
  3. Debjani Chatterjee
  4. Oz Hardwick, and
  5. Sue Spiers, who David additionally selected for commendation.

I’d like to thank David for the judging and everybody that entered the competition.


Tree Poets : Shade of Fire Competition – Results

I’m really pleased to finally be able to announce the winners of our ‘Tree Poets’ competition, that aimed to find three poets to share a pamphlet for us to publish this year.

In many ways, I hate to admit that the competition didn’t go well, but despite the Post Office losing the entries and everything else, we got there in the end and I am more than happy to say that we decided to publish two such collections, such was the quality of the entries.

So the winners are, in no apparent order:

1. Jane Lovell
2. Frank McHugh
3. Jane Burn
4. Kate Garrett
5, Elizabeth Gibson, and
6. Kay Channon

Their work will be published, split across two pamphlets:

a. Tree Poets : Shades of Fire, and
b. Tree Poets : Flames of Ice

I hope you will join me in congratulating all of the winners.

Additionally, given that we were both delayed and had a change of judge due to this, I will be writing to everybody who entered the competition and inviting them to enter any other Hedgehog Press competition that they wish with our compliments.  

All the best

Mark Davidson
The Hedgehog Poetry Press

Nine Sticklebacks & A Happy New Year

One of the real pleasures of the first nine months of the Hedgehog Press has been the fact that we have got to create nine beautiful Sticklebacks filled by brilliant poets. The paper editions of the micro-collections are long gone, but the poetry lives on in our lovely downloadables – and best of all FREE – PDF editions.

So have a lovely New Year, and feel free to help yourself to one or to all HERE

If you like them, it is a tricky time of year for a lot of people and I would love it if you could spare a couple of bob for a foodbank local to you. Sadly they aren’t hard to find these days.

White Label Collection Competition – Results

I’m really pleased to be able to announce the results of our search for Three First Collections, to be published as part of our White Label Pamphlet series.

The three poets who have had their debut collection selected for publication by The Hedgehog Poetry Press in 2019, are:

  1. Annie Maclean  – The Garden/er
  2. Attracta Fahy – Dinner In The Fields
  3. Philippa Hatton-Lepine – Thoughts while walking with Merlyn

Other Shortlisted Collections were:

  1. Fiona Sanderson
  2. Jac Shortland
  3. Kieran Egan
  4. Ceinwen Haydon
  5. Patricia M. Osborne
  6. Rachel Burns
  7. Robert Nield
  8. Sue Ibrahim

I’d like to thank everybody that entered the competition, it would have been easy to choose a dozen more.

‘Nicely Folded Paper’ Competition – Results

I’m proud and pleased to be able to announce that Judge Sue Burge has finished her deliberations and we can now unveil the results for the ‘Nicely Folded Paper’ Pamphlet Competition.

Winner: Melissa Fu

Speaking about Melissa’s collection, Sue said:

“A beautifully crafted, fully-fledged, mature piece of work.  Each poem sings off the page in its own right, but together they form a pleasing and coherent whole with a strong, consistent voice.”

Highly Commended: C.R. Smith

Which Sue described, as:

“C R Smith’s carefully crafted pamphlet would be my second choice.  The idea of fourteen poems in fourteen pages is a satisfying and well-thought through concept.  There is a nostalgic, somewhat melancholic feel to many of the poems – they evoke a strong sense of place and the overall voice is a beguiling one.”


  • Anne McMaster
  • Ceinwen Haydon
  • Gaynor Kane
  • Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe

I’m pleased to say that Melissa will see her collection published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press in the new year and I would very much like to thank everybody that entered in what turned out to be a quite remarkable competition.


Songs to Learn & Sing – The Winners

We are really proud to announce the shortlist and Winner of the Songs to Learn & Sing Competition.

Overall Winner: Ceinwen Haydon

Highly Commended Runner-ups: Ali Jones & Mick Yates

Shortlisted Poets:

Susan Castillo
Kerry Darbishire
Steve Xerri
Mara Adamitz Scrupe
Gaynor Kane
Peter Francis Pegnall
Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe
Chris Hemingway
Marilyn Francis
Betty Hasler
Clare O’Brien
Amy Alexander
Mary Gilonne
CR Smith
David Mark Williams
Kerri Anne Stebbins
Dave Murray

All of the shortlisted poets will see their poems appear in the ‘Songs to Learn & Sing’ anthology which is due for release later this year.

I would like to thank everybody that took part in the competition. It was horrendously difficult to judge, and I hope you will excuse the fact that I am a little late in releasing the results.

‘A Slim Volume of One’s Own’ Collection Competition – Winner

We are very pleased to announce that the winner of our ‘A Slim Volume of One’s Own’ Collection Competition, is David Mark Williams for his collection ‘Papaya Fantasia’  which will be published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press in Winter 2018.

We are also pleased to say that Victoria Richards, Karen Dennison, Robin Lyndsay Wilson and Phil Vernon were all Highly Commended.

Once more, many thanks to everybody who entered the competition and congratulations to all of the poets who made it to the Longlist and beyond.