Zoe’s Book Launch is in Saturday Night & The Hoglets Are Out To Play

We’re pleased and proud to say that Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe is launching her wonderful, collection I Have Grown Two Hearts on Saturday evening, with a full supporting cast of Hoglets and best of all YOU are invited along to experience the mayhem first hand.

So why not come along and join Zoë, Nigel Kent, Katie Proctor, Damien B Donnelly and Gaynor Kane as they ALL launch their new collections.

It could be quite a night on past form.

The evening will be hosted by Joe Williams via that new fangled Zoom thing and starts at 7.30pm.

Tickets are FREE but you need to register your interest by signing-up HERE.

There is a limit on the number of places, so don’t delay or you may well miss out.

If you would like to pre-order one of the collections prior to the event, you can buy them all direct from the author – signed and delivered to your door using the links below:

Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe ‘s I Have Grown Two Hearts CLICK HERE

Katie Proctor’s Seasons CLICK HERE

Nigel Kent’s Psychopathogen CLICK HERE

Gaynor Kane’s Venus in pink marble CLICK HERE

Damien B Donnolly’s Eat the Storms CLICK HERE




So Many Special Offers..

In case you happened to miss the recent launch offers from Oz Hardwick for his awesome wee chapbook Wolf Planet – I’m pleased to say that he  has another one.

Until the end of September, you can buy a party pack of Wolf Planet and his previous and stunning collection, The Lithium Codex for a quite silly £10 the pair.

And speaking of silly, if you happen to buy this Bundle direct from Oz, you can also get a Free entry to one of our Competitions.


  1. Buy a Bundle from Oz Hardwick HERE by 30th September
  2. Enter one of our competitions by emailing your receipt from Oz along with your competition entry.
  3. Simple as that.


Pre-Order: “The Saltwater Diaries” by Sue Burge + Free Competition Entry

Some books seem to take a lifetime to arrive and I hate to say it, but if not quite that long, it is a year later than intended that we finally get to share Sue Burge’s quite beautiful ‘The Saltwater Diaries’  with you all.

Following on from her previous collection for us, Lumière, The Saltwater Diaries is in every sense beautiful.

Paul Stephenson said of it,

“Richly atmospheric poems of snarl and fang with dark, story-like qualities that explore the relationship between sea and self – each one an alternative portrait, each one a linguistically rich inquisition of nature and existence that dredges past and present, excavating unexpected treasures. This is a pamphlet with ballast and intent that sails the warp and weft of the tides.”

As ever, we want you to read our books and totally encourage you to support our poets by buying their work directly from them and Sue has ‘The Saltwater Diaries’ listed on her web site HERE

As a bonus,  Sue is offering both of her Hedgehog Collections as a ‘Bundle’ and if you buy this direct  from Sue in the next fortnight, you will also be eligible for a FREE ENTRY to any one of our competitions.

But you need to be quick.

To enter the competition, by the 29th of September 2020 you need to:

  1. Buy a Bundle of Lumiere and The Saltwater Diaries from Sue HERE
  2. Email your Competition entry along with the payment receipt to the email address  on the relevant competition page.

It is as simple as that.

To be clear –

You need to BUY the Bundle  within the next fortnight – i.e. by midnight on Tuesday the 29th of September 2020.

You DO NOT need to enter the competition by the 29th. You can enter anytime after that.

Sorry if that was unclear 🙂

About Sue Burge

Sue Burge is a freelance creative writing and film studies tutor based in North Norfolk. The Saltwater Diaries is her second pamphlet with Hedgehog Poetry Press, her first, Lumière, was published in 2018. Sue’s first collection In the Kingdom of Shadows was published by Live Canon in 2018. More information at www.sueburge.uk

  • Title: The Saltwater Diaries
  • ISBN: 978-1916090835
  • Pages: 46
  • Order from Amazon HERE
  • Order signed and annotated copies direct from Sue at her web site HERE

Sue Burge is a poet and freelance creative writing and film studies tutor based in North Norfolk.  She loves wild swimming, birdwatching and walking and spends much of her time outdoors.  Sue’s first collection In the Kingdom of Shadows (Live Canon) was published in 2018 as was her debut pamphlet Lumiere (Hedgehog Poetry Press).  The Saltwater Diaries is Sue’s second pamphlet with Hedgehog Poetry Press and is a celebration and exploration of all things coastal.



“White Label – Cinq” – First Collection Competition : Results

Our White Label competitions are pretty much the foundation for everything that we’re trying to do with Hedgehog, as they aim to find as many first time poets as possible and then try our best to get their work into print.

First collections are special and it is always a buzz to find poets who have put a body of work together that takes your breath away, and I’m pleased to say that this time I’ve chosen two.

All of which is leading up to me hoping that you will join me in congratulating:

1. Elisabeth Kelly, and
2. Elizabeth Barton

on winning the competition and having their debut collections published by the Hedgehog Press during 2021.

As ever it was a ridiculously difficult decision, but I enjoyed every minute of it, so many thanks to everybody that took part.

Thanks again to everybody who entered, it really is appreciated.

Come & Join Damien and Gaynor Friday 11th September 7.30pm

Well, sorry that this is a wee bit last-of-minute, but I wanted to share an invitation with you from Gaynor Kane and Damien Donnelly who are tonight launching Gaynor’s new collection, ‘Venus in pink marble’  Live on Facebook.

Here is what Damien had to say about it…..

“Tonight, on Facebook, at 7.30 GMT, Gaynor Kane will launch her full collection of poetry; Venus in Pink Marble, published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press and I will join her to share and talk about my debut collection; Eat the Storms. We are ‘pre-recorded’ live which means we recorded a test the other day that was so good we are going with that, but we will be there for questions and comments throughout. So please, grab a drink and join us for the best part of an hour, tonight.

Oh, there will be bloopers afterwards!”

To go along to the launch CLICK HERE

You can order a beautiful and somewhat gorgeous copy of Gaynor’s collection, direct from the lady herself HERE

You can pre-order the stunning debut collection, ‘Eat the Storms’ direct from Damien B Donnelly HERE

Now THAT is a Friday night..

Launched: “Eat the Storms” by Damien Donnelly – Free Competition Entry

I’m not sure what to say about Damien Donnelly that could possibly capture the freshness of his poetry, the Magneto-sparky-energy of everything he does or the fact that he is quite simply a lovely chap, but regardless of my lack of word-power, I  am delighted to announce that we are publishing his debut collection next week and that you can now pre-order it, signed, direct from the chap himself.

And why am I so verily chuffed? Well, in simple terms it is brilliant. Damien has that something that is really elusive and I seem to spend most of my life these days looking for – a wee difference, an added ingredient that can’t be taught, a certain something.

He is simply put, something special and I fully realise how lucky I am that my teensy press will be a footnote in a future, illustrious history that is yet to be written of his glorious career.

Not to oversell it, or anything.

As ever, we want you to read our books and totally encourage you to support our poets by buying their work directly from them and Damien has ‘Eat the Storms’ listed on his web site HERE

As a bonus,  if you do buy a copy from Damien in the next fortnight, you will also be eligible to a FREE ENTRY to any one of our competitions.

But you need to be quick.

To enter the competition, by the 22nd of September 2020 you need to:

  1. Buy a book from Damien HERE
  2. Email your Competition entry along with the payment receipt to the email address  on the relevant competition page.

It is as simple as that.

To be clear – You need to buy the book and enter the competition within the next fortnight – i.e. by midnight on Tuesday the 22nd of September 2020.

About Damien Donnelly

Damien, 44, Dublin born, returned to Ireland in 2019 after 23 years in Paris, London and Amsterdam, has been writing since childhood, poetry and short stories questioning identity, sexuality and fragility. His daily interests revolve around falling over and learning how to get up again while making delicious cakes. He’s been featured in the books ‘Second Chance’ from Original Writing, ‘Body Horror’ from Gehenna & Hinnom, ‘Nous Sommes Paris’ from Eyewear Publishing and The Runt Magazine. Online, he has been featured in Coffin Bell, Black Bough Poetry, Scribe Base, Barren Magazine. This is his debut collection of poetry and he is honoured to be in the hands of The Hedgehog Press.

  • Title: Eat the Storms
  • ISBN: 978-1913499266
  • Pages: 34
  • Order from Amazon HERE
  • Order signed and annotated copies direct from Damien at her web site HERE

“This is a richly-suggestive, highly-vivid collection of poems, depicting a wide canvas of emotional landscapes with painter-like precision. The intensely visual aspect of Donnelly’s writing is encapsulated in ‘The Irises of our Eyes’, where the poetic speaker is caught up in a visionary experience, where nature, art and language become one.

‘Crazed caught on canvas, caught in colour,
thought tempered in sweeping strokes-
we can be carried away in seas of grass’

It’s no surprise that Donnelly is also a painter and designer and repeated references to colour amplify and intensify emotions in rhapsodic waves of word-pictures, provoking intense feelings of joy and grief, as seen in the poignant ‘Tattered brown trousers’, where the fragilities of a father are darkly-depicted.

‘Eat the Storms’ is a sensory reading experience, with an accessible, appealing and multi-layered voice. Each new reading reveals different shades of meaning and all the nuances of Donnelly’s lyric voice. At once tender and lyrical, there are poignant and troubling moments throughout: the pain of experience – ‘the simple route the river runs, the rustle of the red rose tipped with thorns’; the recurring motif of fragile relationships; the conflicting desires for belonging and freedom; the gut-wrenching theme of being deserted; the complexities of identity and the ever-shifting sense of self we experience – ‘beneath the red ink tipped into this flesh’.

This is a striking, powerful collection, which achieves a balance between a personal, expansive and lyric style and the taut control needed to achieve fine poetry.”

Matthew M. C. Smith – Poet and editor of Black Bough Poetry.

“Damien Donnelly is the archduke of alliteration and a poet in love with colour and sensuality. The poems in this first collection pop with blinding whites, rich reds and purples, and the yellow of Van Gogh sunflowers. They are jazz riffs on journeys, prisms chasing and catching the light. There is darkness too, in lines such as “Father ate all the flowers/in the back garden”, and there are slower poems of self-assessment, including this finely achieved passage in “Red Ink”:

“I am looking
to find a new shape; turning back, returning,
recalling that first mark, to measure how far
from it I ran, to see what was left behind…”

Above all, there is a sweeping positive energy, a welcoming of all that the world has to offer, and a certainty that “dark doors open often into hopeful”.”

Catherine Ann Cullen

“In a pamphlet saturated in colour, Damien Donnelly takes us on an immersive journey through a landscape of pigments. Written with great lyricism and emotional intensity, these poems contrast darker hues with lighter tones to create a sequence of poems that will linger in the memory.”

Jessica Traynor

Dropping in on Nigel Kent – Damien Donnelly

Well, there must be something in the water, but following on with the start of Damien Donnelly’s new series of interviews yesterday, another of our brilliant Hoglets, Mr Nigel Kent, has also launched an innovative and quite cleverly cool series over on his web site.

Nigel’s ‘Drop ins’ will see a series of poets talk to him about individual poems from collections that he will be subsequently reviewing, which is a great approach and idea and definitely adds new dimensions to the whole review process, bringing some background and context to the review that we generally miss.

His first visitor is Damien B. Donnelly himself talking about one of the poems from his forthcoming collection, ‘Eat The Storms.’

This is definitely a series I will be following closely – even if it is a little odd to find yourself learning more about collections you are publishing, this late in the day! – and I think both Nigel and Damien come across perfectly.

I really look forward to reading Nigel’s review in the next few days.

You can find out more about Nigel Kent’s ‘Drop in’ and read Damien’s explanation of one of the poems from the collection,  HERE

If you wish to pre-order a copy of Damien’s collection direct from the chap himself, HERE is where you need to go.

If you haven’t checked out Nigel Kent’s work yet, you really (genuinely, properly) owe it to yourself to read one on the UK’s most exciting voices.

We have had the pleasure of publishing a number of Nigel’s pamphlets and all of them can be bought signed direct from Nigel HERE.

I would heartily recommend you invest a Tenner in the full set of four pamphlets, any one of which would be worth the entry price.

Here endeth the lesson (ahem.)


At Home with The Hoglets: Episode One: When Damien Met Katie

I just wanted to let you know about something new that is going on, thanks to the hyperenergetically inimitable Damien B. Donnelly, who this week launches a series of interviews with some of our poets under the banner of ‘At Home With The Hoglets.’

Damien of course, is not only a fine interviewer but is a stunning poet too and has his debut collection ‘Eat The Storms’ out on the 17th of September and more on that soon, but that isn’t enough to keep him busy and so here we go.

Episode One of his series finds him talking to Katie Proctor about her debut collection ‘Seasons’ which  is already garnering all manner of critical acclaim and (along with Damien’s own collection) has been nominated for the prestigious Michael Marks Award, which will no doubt prove to be the first of many.

To read the interview and subscribe to the series, it is well worth visiting Damien’s blog HERE.

Incidentally, you can still get a copy of ‘Seasons’ signed or annotated direct from Katie –

Signed copies: £6.99

Annotated copies: £9.99


And while I’m in plugging mode, I would be criminally wrong not to mention that Damien’s collection is currently available to pre-order from his web site HERE too.

Do check the interview out and then follow the series, it is something a wee bit special.

Pre-Order: “Venus in pink marble” by Gaynor Kane – Free Competition Entry

Towards the end of last year, I very excitedly shouted that ‘Kane had got a hat trick’ – nothing to do with football, no, something far more important.

In truth, I’d just read an early cut of Gaynor Kane’s ‘Venus in pink marble’ for the first time and knew that it was going to make a truly special book.

The hat trick of course was that it would mean that Gaynor had been published three times by Hedgehog – her beautiful wee Stickleback, ‘Circling The Sun’, her stunning pamphlet ‘Memory Forest’ and now this her first full collection, and what a collection it would be.

Maria McManus, author of Available Light , described it as,

“Kane’s poems are Ulster poems; authentic, lived, and as intimate as Super 8 films. Close reading gives us glimpses of the domestic and the near-past, reel on reel, frame by frame. As readers we are inside the poems, part of a narrative distinctly of place, of community, and of the familial. Days out, work, ancestry, landscape; these things are peopled with the weight of history and happenstance. The context she exposes is affectionate, but it is always also navigating rules, code and the complexities of a place and people riven with its distinct, hardwired contradictions; the past and the contemporary, cheek by jowl.”

Whilst Eileen Carney Hulme, author of The Stone Messenger said,

“In Venus in pink marble, Kane takes the reader on an honest journey through her own personal history and experiences. It is at once powerful and far reaching, unafraid to tackle big political themes or to offer a tender and loving exploration of family and relationships. The final section includes bold and imaginative perspectives on artwork moving the poems from inward to outward.”

As ever, we encourage you to support our poets by buying their work directly from them and Gaynor has put together a couple of options that mean you can get copies of ‘Venus’ along with her other titles if you have missed them somehow so far.

You can order a copy direct from Gaynor HERE

As is the way at the moment, if you do buy a copy from Gaynor in the next fortnight, you will also be eligible to a FREE ENTRY to any one of our competitions.

But you need to be quick.

To enter the competition, by the 8th of September 2020 you need to:

  1. Buy a book from Gaynor HERE
  2. Email your Competition entry along with the payment receipt to the email address  on the relevant competition page.

It is as simple a that.

To be clear – You need to buy the book and enter the competition within the next fortnight – i.e. by midnight on Tuesday the 8th of December 2020.

About Gaynor Kane

Gaynor Kane fell into writing accidentally. At forty, instead of buying a mid-life crisis sports car, she started a degree with the Open University. She finished her BA (Hons) in Humanities with Literature in 2016, with a module on creative writing. Since then, she has been widely published and has been placed in several poetry competitions. Now, at fifty, she is happy to be publishing her full collection, Venus in pink marble. It was always her aspiration that this collection would come into the world in 2020, she just didn’t think it would be amid a global pandemic. Gaynor has two other publications with The Hedgehog Poetry Press, they are Circling the Sun (2018) and Memory Forest (2019). You can read more about them at www.gaynorkane.com.

Follow Gaynor at –

Facebook: @gaynorkanepoet

Twitter: @gaynorkane

  • Title: Venus in pink marble
  • ISBN: 978-1913499310
  • Pages: 98
  • Order from Amazon HERE
  • Order signed and annotated copies direct from Gaynor Kane at her web site HERE

Following the success of her thematically focused pamphlet Memory Forest, Gaynor Kane’s debut full collection of poems opens outwards as she explores her personal history. Venus in pink marble takes the reader on a narrative journey from heritage and place, through family and relationships, to poetry inspired by culture. Venus in Pink marble is poet and public servant, protector and rebel, proposition and paradox, with feminine strength.


Halloween Sees a Spooky Anthology ‘The House In The Forest’

I’m really chuffed to say that this Halloween we will be publishing a proper scary collection of poems, all centred upon a scary old house in a deep dark wood.

(Not sure why that seemed familiar…)

Anyway, twenty fantastic poets came up with the goods and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Title: ‘The House in the Forest’

ISBN: 978-1-913499-11-2

RRP: £5.99

Extent: 32pp

Official Release Date: 31st October 2020


The poets featured, are:

      1. Mick Yates
      2. Oz Hardwick
      3. Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon
      4. Elisabeth Kelly
      5. Sue Ibrahim
      6. Naomi Sterling
      7. Andrew Stickland
      8. Andy Eycott
      9. Brian McManus
      10. Phil Santus
      11. Susan Darlington
      12. Margaret Royall
      13. Merril D. Smith
      14. Patricia M. Osborne
      15. Amina Alyal
      16. Darren J Beaney
      17. Kathryn Alderman
      18. Kate Young
      19. Rosie Barrett
      20. Philippa Hatton-Lepine