March/April Challenge: A Little Bit of Hope

The March/April Challenge

Deadline For Entries: 15th April 2020

Winners Announced: 30th April 2020


And the winners is…. VALERIE BENCE


The Challenge:

As things have gotten a little bit chaotic, and also because April sees the second part of the Black Violin Story unveiled (unravelled?) I thought I would make the belated March Challenge run into April so that there is an option or two for everybody.

The Challenge then is for you to bring together  8-12 pages of your poetry that, in some way, can make us all a little more hopeful in these rather horrible times.

These can be any form – so a lot of haiku or one longer prose poem or whatever you choose in-between – and I am interested to see the angles you all take on this. I’m normally surprised, let’s face it.

I don’t mind work that has been previously published on-line or in journals or anthologies and if you wish to collaborate, that would be fine too.

The Prize:

The winner will have their hope-filled collection published in June as a pamphlet/wee book thing and receive 100 copies of the finished article.

How to Enter:



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