Pamphlet or Book Submissions

We are currently only accepting submissions for single-poet-collections via our competitions or by invitation, although in the future we intend to begin to accept submissions directly.

Our terms for publication either way are simple:

  1. We try to be pragmatic about the whole small press publishing thing and so rather than pay royalties, instead we give the author an advance in the form of 20% of the first and any subsequent print runs. This generally means that we will assume a print run of 500, and so the author will receive 100 copies of their book to sell or do with as they wish. We believe that this is a much better deal for the author and it means that if we walk in front of a bus, the author will have been fully paid for their work and have no real need to grieve..
  2. In a similarly pessimistic vein, we don’t have contracts, and the author retains all rights. All we would ask is that they refrain from publishing/printing the work elsewhere until after the print run we have produced has sold through.
  3. Authors can buy additional copies of their work at a 40-50% discount off the RRP, plus P&P, although there is no obligation for them to do so either before or after publication.  Authors selling their books at readings and on-line is a fine thing, publishers expecting authors to pay them so that they are published, whatever way it is expressed is not cool. We don’t ask anybody to subsidise the publication of their work.
  4. We will do our best to help the author sell their work and expect the author to make all reasonable efforts to do so too. There seems little point if we both don’t try, after all.


‘A Restricted View From Under The Hedge’

‘Arfur’ is currently hibernating and so we are not currently accepting (or even rejecting) submissions. This will change at some point in the future.

As we currently stand, there are no further issues planned.


At the moment we are fully committed and unfortunately aren’t accepting any further submissions for our Sticklebacks. This will change soon though.