January Challenge: A Stickleback


The January Cult Members-Only Challenge


I’m please to say that Julie Stevens and Phil Santus will see their Sticklebacks published this Summer – congratulations to both of them and many thanks to everybody that took part.

Apologies that this is a little later than planned (err, more than a little) but hopefully you will enjoy it nonetheless. I’ve extended the deadline until the end of February, although there will of course be a February Challenge too.

One of the things I want to do in 2021 is bring back the Sticklebacks, and Mr Damien B Donnelly himself, sees his being launched as the first of the year, but he is not destined to be left alone, and so I am looking for TWO more to be published this year.

The Challenge:

A Stickleback should have four pages of poetry that together give comment on a single idea. In truth this has been bent in every way over the last few years, but here I am looking for a poet with a point to be made and so four poems it shall be.

So to be clear:

  1. Write Four poems each of a maximum of 40 lines, that tell me something I don’t know, beautifully. The idea of the Sticklebacks is that they make a point that needs to be made, political, personal, a statement of love – whatever your choice is, is fine.
  2. Email your poems in a single document to entry to: COMPETITION@HEDGEHOGPRESS.CO.UK
  3. Obviously this is only open to members of the Cult of the Spiny Hog
  4. Deadline: 28th February 2021

The Prize:

TWO Winners will have their Stickleback Published, this means:

  1. They will receive 100 copies of the printed edition each, which they can sell, give-away, wallpaper with as they see fit
  2. Cult members will obviously receive a printed copy
  3. The eBook PDF edition will become available at some point in the future.

Have fun!




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