August Challenge: The House in the Forest

The August Cult Members-Only Challenge

Deadline For Entries: 27th August 2020

Winners Announced: 30th August 2020


The Challenge:

There is a house in a forest, where something strange is happening. The birds are quiet, the animals avoid it and it is only spoken of by children in awed whispers, in torchlight around campfires.

The 31st of October is the date when our wee anthology of spookily disturbing poems is released that tells the world just what it is that we think is going on behind the doors of The House in the Forest.

The challenge for August is to write a single poem that lets your imagination run wild. The best of these will appear in our anthology.

There is no limit on form or length, you decide.

To be clear:

  1. Write a poem that describes what is happening in our spooky house in the middle of nowhere
  3. I will choose the best of the poems to be included in our ‘The House in the Forest’ anthology
  4. Obviously this is only open to members of the Cult of the Spiny Hog (If you aren’t a member, find out more HERE)

The Prize:

The winners will see their poems included in an anthology to be published on 31/10/20

Each winner will receive copies of the anthology

The Winners are:

  1. Mick Yates
  2. Oz Hardwick
  3. Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon
  4. Elisabeth Kelly
  5. Sue Ibrahim
  6. Naomi Sterling
  7. Andrew Stickland
  8. Andy Eycott
  9. Brian McManus
  10. Phil Santus
  11. Susan Darlington
  12. Margaret Royall
  13. Merril D. Smith
  14. Patricia M. Osborne
  15. Amina Alyal
  16. Darren J Beaney
  17. Kathryn Alderman
  18. Kate Young
  19. Rosie Barrett
  20. Philippa Hatton-Lepine



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