The Cult of the Spiny Hog


The Cult of the Spiny Hog is something we feel is unique in the poetry world, a club that is both for Readers and Writers of poetry.

Run on a quarterly basis, we have a simple approach – whilst you are a member you will receive Everything We Publish, and be eligible to enter All of the Competitions we run – as many times as you like – for no extra payment at all.

To join as a Full member costs £25 for a three-month period, (UK) or £35 (International) which is the cost of a lot of collection competitions when you look at other small presses, but we will usually have two or three competitions and many other books or pamphlets on offer to members during that time. But it is also a lot more than that, as we have a constant selection of Challenges and even a few Commissions along the way.

Alternatively, you can now choose to join the Cult with an On-line membership, where you get all of the benefits, but don’t received the printed editions, although you get full access to our library, The Hive so you will never be short of something to read.

In fact, you can now simply choose to subscribe to The Hive and have a year long access to everything we publish in PDF format. If you aren’t interested in competitions, challenges and paper books, perhaps this is the option for you.

To join the Cult or Subscribe to the Hive, choose below: