Starting a Poetry Magazine #2: Sucking the Egg From A Chicken

Chicken in a Nappy, believe it or not

I’d love to say that things are starting to warm-up here in the land of the spiny ‘hog, but in truth it is all a bit of a struggle at the moment. Not that it is a surprise as we fully expected it to take a while to get going and we are only a fortnight in, but there is a lot going on in the background that may (or may not) pay-off, but we will have to see.

In a lot of ways it is a classic Catch-22. As we start nobody knows who we are, we quite literally (in poetic terms) couldn’t get arrested if we tried and until we have ‘done something’, produced an issue of the magazine or a book, why would anybody take a chance on us?

So nobody knows who we are as we have done little of note, and yet we can’t do anything unless people take a chance on us.  All of which leaves us wondering how to circle the square or suck the egg from the chicken, as it were, to move it all along.

Of course the answer is simple, set your stall out, be professional and make sure that when we do something we make it fabulous.

And celebrate any steps we take forward like it is 1999 and as some wonderful poets have already shared their work with us for ‘Arfur‘ and we’re warm and fizzy in the knowledge that the first issue come February will be something special, we should shout about it, if only a little.

So, enough gazing-of-navels, back to the coalface. And here is our current anthem.


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