‘Arfur’ Gets Meat On His Bones

ArfurI’m not sure whether you can thaw a phoney war, it is probably just me mixing my meta-thingies as usual, but it does feel that over the last few days we have started to see a little movement around here as far as ‘Arfur’ goes.

I think the main reason is that my rather hazy view of what our magazine will be is starting to get a little clearer, and the flurry of letters and emails I’ve sent over the last couple of weeks are starting to get us somewhere.

Because, I really don’t want ‘Arfur’ to just be a collection of poems.

There, I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love poems, poems are lovely things, but I have always been interested in reading around a subject and I guess we are betting that I’m not the only one.

So as well as having a glutton’s delight in the poem depot, we are also looking at articles that will make the magazine a right royal read.

To this end then, I’m pleased to say that we shall be talking ‘on-the-record’ to some really quite interesting people.

No names yet, but what I can say is that we will have poets, magazine editors, book publishers and even the odd musician (as I’ve always been interested in the song lyric/poetry crossover and, well, am quite nosey. Plus of course all hedgehogs are friends to the stars, so if you have the contacts you may as well use them.)

If I can find a reviewer or three we will probably have reviews too. Lots of reviews. I like reviews.

There are lots of other ideas too, but more of them later when the mists clear further.

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