We Started Something

It is only a week since we silently launched The Hedgehog Poetry Press with vague promises of this and of that, but I have to say it is starting to be ‘something.’

Initially, it struck us that we may as well let people start to submit their work for possible inclusion in our first issue of ‘A Restricted View From Under The Hedge’, and I have to say we were really surprised when somebody did.

How did they know?

We certainly hadn’t told anybody.

It is even odder still today as we have launched two competitions, ‘The Road To Clevedon Pier’ our first anthology competition, and ‘A Slim Volume Of One’s Own’ our first single poet collection competition.

Somebody has already entered those too.

It isn’t even the same somebody, in fact it is three discrete somebodies.

It is most perplexing.

Although, thank you to the somebodies.

So much better than being nobodies.

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