‘A Slim Volume Of One’s Own’ Collection Competition – CLOSED

‘A Slim Volume of One’s Own’

Here at The Hedgehog Press, we very much would like to be a publisher of great single poet collections, and after a lot of discussion have decided that the best way to find the poets and evaluate their work is to run a competition. Not a very original decision we agree, but then we can’t hide from the fact that we are often all standing on the shoulders of some quite big chaps and trying to see what is going on.

Regardless of all that, a competition we have and we are inordinately proud to say that our ‘A Slim Volume Of One’s Own’ competition will see at least one poet end-up with exactly that, the very first individual collection of poetry from The Hedgehog Press.

But to the competition and this really is the most open-minded of open poetry competitions, and whatever your topic, form or motivation, we look forward to reading your work in the form of a collection of up to forty poems.

This Competition has Closed

Once you have done that, please complete the form below and upload your poems in a single PDF document.

You may enter up to Three collections of your poetry.

These may each contain up to Forty poems each.


The winning poet will:

a) See a collection of their poetry published in paperback form by The Hedgehog Press.

Beautifully, I might add.

b) Be interviewed for the next issue of our magazine ‘A Restricted View From Under The Hedge’ where we will also publish a ‘Showcase’ selection of their work.

c) Receive a year’s subscription to our magazine ‘A Restricted View From The Hedge’

d) Receive 100 Copies of their finished book. We are big believers in supporting poets and feel that readings are the best way for a poet to sell books and profit from their art.

e) We will enter the collection to any awards/competitions to which it is applicable/we feel likely to do well.

f) Obviously we will send review copies to a selection of poetry journals and national media.

g) The winners collection of poetry will be published during  2018 or by agreement with the poet. We are easy going chaps but would like to see it in print sooner rather than later.


We don’t really like rules, so we will aim to keep it simple:

a) Make sure all of the work is your own.

b) We don’t mind if poems have been published in magazines before, but poems that have previously appeared in book form in earlier collections are sadly excluded.

c) Poems entered below are classed as ‘Pending’ until the appropriate entrance fee has been paid. Until then they will not be included in the judging process.

d) We only accept poems electronically (due to the geographical locations of the judges.) If you would prefer to email your entry or pay via Bank Transfer, please get in touch using the ‘Tell The Hog‘ page.

e) No postal entries or payments by cheque or postal order are possible at the moment, unfortunately.

f) The decision of the judges is final.

g) Deadline for entries is 15th March 2018 at 11:59pm

To enter please complete the form below and upload your poems using the ‘Add File’ button in PDF format:

Please Note: We ask for poems to be provided as a PDF file as this is the best way for us to see the layout as you intended. We don’t wish this to become a problem for you though, so if you need help please do contact us Here and we will see what we can do (although please don’t leave it until 11:58pm on the deadline day to ask!)

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