Covering Up

ArfurIt was an interesting day today as we finally got our first look at the covers we are planning to use for the ‘Road To Clevedon Pier’ Anthology, and the first issue of our (rather spiffy looking) magazine ‘A Restricted View From Under The Hedge.’

These are apparently known as ‘Scamps’ or ‘Mockups’ or ‘Dollies’ (I made one of the three up there as I am a little bored with the buzzwords) but I would imagine that they will be somewhere close to the finished article come next year.

Road o Clevedon Pier AnthologyBoth photographs were taken by our in-house snapper in Clevedon where we are based, as indeed are all of the landscapes on the web site and we are rather pleased with how they are working so far.

Smug Are We, as the saying goes.

I have to say that despite us not really trying to spread the word just yet we are starting to get a few submissions for the magazine (I’m calling it ‘Arfur’ from here on in to save typing-time) and already they are looking pretty good.

We have humble hopes, but they are rising already.

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