Speaking of Review Copies

In case you missed it the other day, we finally worked out what it was that we wanted to do as far as reviews go and added our ‘Review Policy’ to the site, somewhere over There.

I won’t rehash that, but one of the things I keep wittering on about is that I feel that poetry journals, due to the rest of the world’s ‘media’ largely ignoring poetry, really must do whatever they can to spread the word. (Assuming that we are part of the media and what a weird idea that is.)  As one of the key ways of doing this is by reviewing as many poetry collections as we can, we are really honour-bound to do just that.

See, I got there in the end. This is all pre-coffee.

Like everything else we do, I really want it to be an open and transparent process, so we’ll be listing any books or pamphlets we receive on the site as we go and linking to the author’s or publisher’s pages. I know that isn’t much, but there we are.

No, I don’t know why I bring it up either. I think maybe that coffee could be a good idea after all.



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