Book Review Policy

It is early days as far as our magazine ‘Arfur’ goes, but we can’t help but feel that every poetry journal has a responsibility to review as many poetry collections and anthologies as possible, and we are going to try and do our bit. Sometimes these will be new collections (most of the time in fact) and sometimes we will call them in because they relate to another article (which is the case with the Wilfred Owen collections in Issue #1.)

If you would like us to review your collection, please get in touch Here and we will get back to you as soon as possible and see what we can do.

Be aware though:

There is no difference in our eyes between mainstream, indie, Art Council funded or self-published, publishers. However, I (personally) have a deep loathing of reading collections of poetry on anything other than paper, so I’m not without my own prejudices. I will print them out at a push, but not very often.

We are intending (for the living poets, at least) to accompany reviews with a short Q&A with the poet or editor, if possible, so please be aware of that.

Generally, I would love to say that we will review everything we receive but the truth of the matter is that we won’t have the space, so please do make sure it is OK before you send them. We don’t want to waste yours, or your publisher’s money sending books and paying for postage unless we will definitely be able to cover them.

Current Titles planned for review in Issue #01 are: