Cross Words, We’ve Had A Few

We are all rather smug today as we had some great news as far as Arfur, our worryingly imminent imaginary magazine is concerned, as it seems that a certain Mr A.P Middleton of somewhere in the frozen North, is joining us.

Which is many kinds of rather good news, as A.P, as he allows himself to be called in the more relaxed portions of social occasions, is the compiler of rather fiendishly tricky crosswords.

Now I’ll be quite honest, I am hopeless at such things, but we do have a rather crossword addicted member of Team ‘Hog, and she is verily excited by this.

As for the crossword itself, the plan is for us to feature one of A.P’s torturous creations in each issue of Arfur (that sounds wrong somehow) and of course there will be a prize of some sort. (Don’t ask me what now, all I do know is that A.P thinks nobody can beat his best, and that we should plan to ‘roll-up’ the prize until somebody flukes it a few years down the line. So there is a challenge.)

More seriously, we are very pleased to have A.P along for the ride, and we are sure that you will be too.

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