Covering Up

ArfurWhen we first put the ‘Hog web site up, at the last minute we realised that we needed a cover for our magazine, ‘Arfur’, and for the ‘The Road To Clevedon Pier’ anthology.

Being  a little third division on the Photoshop front, we scrambled around, nipped out with the Box Brownie, and managed to put something together in about 27 minutes, with only a quick espresso along the way.

In fact the ‘Pier’ book is perfect and that is destined to be the final look of the published artefact, as it were, but the Arfur one was only ever meant to be an example, a placeholder until we quickly got the proper design together.

Needless to say, at that point we immediately forgot about the whole thing and opened another pack of Hobnobs and that it is only now, all these weeks later when I have suddenly realised that I need to get finished cover files to our delightfilled printer, for some ‘mock-up copies of the magazine we can photograph and generally coo over, that I am inspired to, well, do something.

So by the end of the week I am hoping to have at least three possible cover images, and I would deeply be pleased and chuffed if you good people (assuming anybody is reading this drivel) wouldn’t mind casting your eye over them and voting for the one you like best.

Obviously, I only write this on here to force me to do it.

Thanking you most definitely kindly.

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