The Hedge of Glory

OK, I have to admit that this is totally because I never got a Blue Peter badge. They didn’t give them out for watching TV whilst eating Custard Creams, apparently, and I was otherwise unqualified (and don’t get me started on ‘Jim Fixed It For Me’  necklaces or medals or whatever they were.)

No, I’ve had a lifetime’s lack of achievement that has somehow gone unrewarded, and so deep down somewhere or other there is probably a reason that I find myself talking about this.

But getting somewhere closer to the point, I am so very pleased that we have decided to have a ‘Hall of Fame’ – the (ahem) ‘Hedge of Glory’ – on the web site, where everybody that is shortlisted for a competition, or who finds themselves in Arfur’s tender clutches will see themselves in perpetuity.

Or for a long time anyway.

Or maybe until we get bored and change our minds.

Whichever happens first.

They will also, of course, get a very flashy ‘Hedge of Glory’ badge, which I very much doubt will look like the one up there as somebody far more technical and artistic than I will design the real thing, but a badge it will be. I’m thinking a silver foil ‘Hog, but then it is nearly tea time as I write this.

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