Starting a Poetry Magazine #4: Reviews

Over the last few weeks we’ve spent a lot of time trying to decide what to do about reviews, as far as young Arfur goes.

On one hand, we are really rather keen to have them. In a way you almost feel that poetry magazines have a responsibility to review new collections as let’s face it, the mainstream media aren’t exactly clambering over themselves to help promote them with a few kind words and however many cool magazines there are out there, oodles of books and authors still never get a look in.

So reviews we will have, but how to go about it?

Well, first things first, we need some books and pamphlets to review, so I guess I’ll get in touch with some publishers, that would work.

Again though, I always like to read around things, so if possible it would be nice to at least ask a couple of questions of the poet, to try and see where they were coming from. A review is just an opinion, and however intuitive the reviewer, you can’t beat talking to the poet if you want the real juice. (err, probably should think of a better description for that.)

That sounds like a plan then, why the devil not. I’m nosy if nothing else.

As for who will be writing the reviews, well maybe I’ll put a call out when we have something to review, but until then you are stuck with me, I’m afraid.

The nice thing though is that we’re not obsessive about everything appearing in issue one.

If reviews come later, such is life, it is hardly going to wreck anybody’s daze.


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