“White Label – Neuf” – First Collection Competition : Results

Our White Label competitions are pretty much the foundation for everything that we’re trying to do with Hedgehog, as they aim to find as many first time poets as possible and then we do our best to get their work into print, beautifully.

First collections are special and it is always a buzz to find poets who have put a body of work together that takes your breath away, and I’m pleased to say that this time we have something rather special.

Therefore, let me

Congratulate our Winner



‘Girl in the Woods’

Which is to be published by Hedgehog in 2023.

The full list of shortlisted poets is:

      • Quentin Cowdry – Highly Commended
      • Rebecca Lacey – Highly Commended
      • Iris Lewis – Commended
      • Pearl Olsen
      • Richard Smith
      • Merry Cross
      • Sarah Macleod
      • David Cattanach
      • Gavin Bourke
      • Kathleen Strafford

Thanks again to everybody who entered, it really is appreciated.

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