Extra Bonus Christmas Calendar Challenge Thing:

The Christmas Calendar Challenge

Deadline For Entries: 15th November 2019

Winners Announced: 30th November 2019


Extra Bonus Christmas Calendar Challenge Thing:

I meant to do this last year, but err, well I totally forgot, but now that I have remembered, I thought we should have an extra challenge, if you have the time.

What I would like is for us to have have a Hedgehog Press Calendar this year, or rather for next year.

Each month will have a nice photograph with a poem overlaying it, and so the challenge is:

  1. Send me one (or more) poem(s), where the title is the month of the year to which it refers. It doesn’t have to be about the weather or seasons, it can be memories or, well, anything or anybody that the month reminds you of.
  2. If you have a photo that you would like considering – or a piece of artwork – that again can be related to a particular month, I’d love to see them too. You don’t have to send a photo to match your poem – they will be judged separately.

To enter – just email your poem and (optional) photograph to me at poetry@hedgehogpress.co.uk

The poems/photographer/artists that are chosen will get a wodge of calendars for their very ownsome – before Christmas, crucially – and obviously everybody in the Cult come December will get one too.

All entries to the usual address 🙂


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