The June Cult Challenge

The June Challenge ‘Just Do It’

Deadline For Entries: 23rd June 2019

Winner Announced: 30th June 2019

The June Challenge is one I have wanted to do for a while, with the top twenty poems finding themselves published in a Stickleback, to be called ‘Just Do It.’

I’ve always been fascinated by the art (or perhaps science) of advertising jingles and slogans, the way they get into your brain and how they could possibly sell you something that you don’t want or need. Although my ‘The Cult of the Spiny Hog – You Can Never Leave. Like Never’ attempt managed to lose us half of our members a year ago, so I’m probably in need of an education on the subject.

Obviously, all of these jingles and slogans are meant to remind you of a brand, but I always find that, like songs, they also remind me of a time or place that featured in my own life.

When I think of ‘You can’t get quicker than a Kwik Fit fitter,’ it still hurts to think of the money-pit of a Mini my first car was, and ‘Naughty But Nice’ reminds me of eating cream cakes after helping my Nan to do her shopping in Belfast  – I still mourn the fact that you can’t buy a decent pineapple cream in North Somerset.

So whether you are dedicated to vorsprung durch technik, or like me still trying to convince yourself that you can genuinely eat to get slimmer, which might be the downside of the pineapple creams, I’m looking for something that has burrowed its way into your brain and attached itself to a memory.

The Challenge:

  1. Choose an Advertising slogan that has stuck in your brain – this is your poem’s title 
  2. Write a poem describing a person, place or memory that the slogan reminds you of. This can be one from years ago or recent, a good time or bad.
  3. The poem should be upto 40 lines
  4. You may enter as many poems as you like

  5. Email your entry (entries) to me at the usual address –

  6. Simples


I don’t want us all to suffer voting fatigue, so I thought I would choose the winners for this one.

The Prize:

The winning poems will feature in a new Printed Stickleback ‘Just Do It’ to be published later this year.

Everybody who is featured will get five copies of the printed pamphlet

There now, that probably the finest poetry challenge in the world and I’m lovin’ it.




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  1. i will consider channeling my inner Bongolese. cool concept i must say. June challenge seems like something ideal for my own creative wheelhouse. be safe now.

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