August Challenge – Leaving on a Jet Plane

The August Challenge

Deadline For Entries: 23rd August 2019

Winners Announced: 31st August 2019


This month I couldn’t help but think of getting away from it all, jumping on a ‘plane and seeing where I would end-up.

Then I realised I have children who refuse to leave their bedrooms, can’t do crowds and the spirit of adventure I may have had once has long gone.

So then I started thinking about Gaynor Kane’s brilliant wee Stickleback, those pioneering woman pilots and what they were willing to do, to risk.

If they didn’t inspire, who would?

And then I found this old poster for a Paris to Madrid Aeroplane race, way back when and I thought that if I am beyond inspiration, I bet you aren’t. I bet this will trigger something in you when you think about those magnificent women and men in their flying machines.

So that is the Challenge – dream up a pilot or imagine yourself on that journey from Paris to Madrid, the noise, the dust, the heat, fear, panic – whatever – and write a poem that captures it all, or a sliver of something, at least.

Poems can be up to 80 lines, form and style is entirely your choice.

As ever, just email your entry to me at the usual address 🙂

The Prize:

I’d like to choose the best of the entries for a special Stickleback


The winning poems to be featured in a special wee pamphlet, are:

1. Annie Maclean
2. Callum Stewart
3. Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon
4. Eileen Carney Hulme
5. Margaret Royall, and
6. David Mark Williams

p.s. You can download Gaynor’s wee Stickleback, here:

Gaynor Kane (29 downloads)


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