The Hedgehog Poetry Press

We are probably being over-ambitious, trying to launch a poetry press that publishes books at the same time as we try and introduce a poetry journal that publishes people’s poems, but it would be a boring world if we only ever played things safe.

Ask Evel Knievel.

But safe or not, what we really want to do is to try and avoid upsetting anybody by not delivering what we promise or by allowing others to project what they think we should be doing and then failing on somebody else’s measure.

No, I’m confused now, too.

Keeping things clear and open would seem to be the best approach, and so we thought it would be good to say what we think The Hedgehog Poetry Press will be doing, at least for a start.

Things we have planned over the first year:


We see competitions as a good way for us to find poets who we want to publish, so to start with we will be running two competitions, one for single poems that will lead to an anthology and another where we will ask poets to submit a poetry collection for possible publication.

Single Poet Collections:

We don’t want to be the biggest poetry publisher – that sounds like a lot of work – but we would ideally like to publish four single poet poetry collections each year. Maybe not in the first year or even every year, but you never know your luck in a muddy ditch, as we often say.

As to the ‘type’ of poetry, we have no preconceptions; we like e.e cummings as much as Dylan Thomas as much as Wilfred Owen as much as Charles Bukowski as much as lots of other people too, so we can’t imagine you will ever be able to point and say ‘That is a Hedgehog Poet’. For us a collection has to pass the ‘bedside table’ test, and that is where we will be selecting what to publish. Seems rude not to when you have the chance.


As with the Collections, we love reading a good anthology and as editors it is always a treat to put them together. Again, we would like to use our competitions as a way to find new voices, and so plan to run a quarterly competition, each leading to an anthology.

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