About Stickleback

We are proud and very much pleased to announce the launch of something a wee bit different from The Hedgehog Poetry Press – a new, ad-hoc magazine, Stickleback, which as everybody knows is the mermaid of the hedgehog family.

The Story of the Stickleback, so far:

Micro Collections:

Anthology Editions:

The plan behind the magazine is to publish two flavours:

  1. Ad-Hoc Anthologies:

    These will be available available for FREE in PDF form via our web site, at least once each month.

  2. Single Poet ‘Micro-Collections’:

    These will be a spotlight on an individual poet and will be available as a FREE download in PDF form via our web site, but also appear as a Limited Edition pamphlet that can either be ordered from us, or much more importantly, we would encourage people to buy them from the poet at readings or other events.


  • All Sticklebacks will be available for free from this web site in PDF form
  • Stickleback is entirely by invitation at this point, so sorry, but no submissions
  • Sticklebacks will arrive when they arrive, so please do join our mailing list HERE as they will each be announced as they become available
  • Print editions will be a Limited One-Time run, so if you wish to buy one, get them while they are hot. More seriously, they will be cheap and gorgeous and if people buy them, they will keep coming.
  • As ever Cult members will receive all of the printed editions in advance of their release