The Road To Clevedon Pier (Deluxe Edition)


The Road To Clevedon Pier is an anthology boasting some quite wonderful poetry. Comprising the longlisted entries to the competition of the same name, the Deluxe, Limited Edition is only available from The Hedgehog Poetry Press and is beautifully produced.

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The Road To Clevedon Pier is the first Anthology of poetry from The Hedgehog Poetry Press, containing the longlisted poems from the competition of the same name.

The book includes poetry from:

Winning Poet: Victoria Richards
Highly Commended: Sarah Thomson
Highly Commended: Matt Duggan

Plus Longlisted Poets:

  • Sarah J Bryson
  • Annie Maclean
  • Sally Spedding
  • Gaynor Kane
  • Hanan Issa
  • Chris Hemingway
  • David Hale
  • P Wooldridge
  • Jane Aldous
  • Mary Gilonne
  • Ian Stuart
  • Elisabeth Horan
  • Andrew Halsig
  • Ben Banyard
  • Chrissy Banks
  • Zoe Siobhan Howarth-Lowe
  • Jo Roberts
  • Karen Mooney
  • Nigel Hutchinson
  • F H Erba
  • Nigel Kent
  • Melissa Fu
  • Eileen Carney Hulme
  • Hannah-Rose Tristram
  • Diane Jackman
  • Betty Hasler
  • Isabelle Kenyon
  • Nicolette Golding
  • Stephanie Hutton
  • Gail Ferguson
  • Liz McDonnell
  • Dido F.
  • Georgina Titmus
  • Phil Vernon
  • Selma Carvalho
  • Deborah Gregory
  • Victoria Richards

Title: ‘The Road To Clevedon Pier’


Released: 15th April 2018

RRP: £8.99

The Trade Edition is available from Amazon and other better bookshops Here


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