Stickleback: A Christmas Gift To You – Free Download

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Stickleback is a new and exciting magazine that is published at least twice every month.  Alternating between themed issues and single poet ‘micro-collections’, it is always available for Free to download as a PDF.



As our Christmas Gift to you, we are proud to share with you a special edition of Stickleback.

Featuring poetry from,

  1. Viv Parks
  2. Eileen Carney Hulme
  3. Gaynor Kane
  4. Rachel Burns
  5. Phil Hawtin
  6. Maggie Mackay
  7. Jenna Plewes
  8. Kerry Darbishire
  9. Margaret Royall
  10. Chris Hemingway
  11. Callum Stewart
  12. Annie Maclean
  13. Isabelle Kenyon
  14. Nigel Kent
  15. Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon

This is a collection that will keep you warm this Christmas and beyond.

As ever with Stickleback, this issue is yours to download completely without charge.

  • Publication: Stickleback
  • ISSN: 2631-4126
  • Edition: “A Christmas Gift To You’
  • Author: Various
  • Extent: 20pp
  • RRP: £2 £FREE


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