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Stickleback is a new and exciting magazine that is published at least twice every month.  Alternating between themed issues and single poet ‘micro-collections’, it is always available for Free to download as a PDF.



However successful a writer you are, there will come a day where things are just not happening, the Muse has deserted you and the dreaded ‘B'(lock) word is something you can’t stop nagging from a tiny corner of your mind.

We have all been there and whilst we all talk about it, other than writing our way through it, there is very little advice to be had.

With the Little Book of Inspiration, we asked a series of poets to give us an insight into what it was that inspired the creation of one of their poems and along with their notes we feature the poem they created.

Will it help next time you are stuck?

I hope so, but either way, there are some fine poems to read and they may just take your mind off it, if nothing else.

Featuring poetry from,

  1. Andy Allan
  2. Carol Rosalind Smith
  3. Diana Devlin
  4. Gaynor Kane
  5. Isabelle Kenyon
  6. Jane Aldous
  7. Margaret Royall
  8. Nigel Kent
  9. Phil Hawtin
  10. Lucy Dixcart
  11. Sarah J Bryson
  12. Vyv Nugent
  13. Julie Corbett
  14. Annie Maclean
  15. Eileen Carney Hulme
  16. Margaret Wilmot
  17. Phil Vernon
  18. David Mark Williams

As ever with Stickleback, this issue is yours to download completely without charge. If you enjoy it, why not give a couple of bob, or whatever you can spare to a Food Bank local to you.

  • Publication: Stickleback
  • ISSN: 2631-4126
  • Edition: “Little Book of Inspiration’
  • Author: Various
  • Extent: 42pp
  • Dimensions: 210mmx148mm
  • Binding: Saddle Stitch
  • RRP: £2 £FREE


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