David Mark Williams ‘Papaya Fantasia’ – Deluxe Edition


The new collection from David Mark Williams, ‘Papaya Fantasia’ is now available to order, and will be despatched prior to the official release date of the 15th of November 2018.

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David Mark Williams won our inaugural collection competition and we get the feeling that in Papaya Fantasia he has created a stunning set of poetry that will be earning him accolades for years to come.

Following on from his quite brilliant debut, The Odd Sock Exchange, Papaya Fantasia shows a poet that has matured and developed his voice whilst becoming  increasingly confident in his ability to point out those parts of life that the rest of us can otherwise miss. David has a deceptive depth to his work and you can easily find yourself suddenly realising there was an extra layer, as the penny drops long after you have put the book down. This is a stunning collection that you will be reading time and again.

Title: ‘Papaya Fantasia’

Author: David Mark Williams


Pages: 60

RRP:  £9.99

Publication: 15th November 2018

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