Cult #3 – UK Delivery: September – November 2018


The Cult of the Spiny Hog is something we feel is unique in the poetry world, a club that is both for Readers and Writers of poetry.

Run on a quarterly basis, we have a simple approach – whilst you are a member you will receive Everything We Publish, and be eligible to enter All of the Competitions we run – as many times as you like – for no extra payment at all.

To join costs £25 for a three month period, the cost of a lot of collection competitions when you look at other small presses, but we will usually have two or three competitions and many other books or pamphlets on offer to members during that time.

But it is also a lot more than that, as we have a constant selection of Challenges and even a few Commissions along the way.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the The Holy Trinity – the Third Cult of the Spiny Hog, which will run from 1st of September to 3oth of November 2018


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The Cult has a simple rule – while you are a member you can enter all of our competitions as many times as you want and you will also receive every book , magazine and pamphlet that we publish.

For this our Third Cult, we have thrown off the shackles and created a monster selection of poetry competitions, magazines, books and pamphlets that will keep our members busy for the whole of the three month period.

During Cult #3 what that means, is:

As before, all Cult members can enter all of our competitions as many times as they like.

At the moment these are likely to be:

a) Songs of Lenin & McCarthy:

Our second Vinyl inspired competition, this will see the best twenty songs of protest inspired poems produced in 7″ Record form. (Deadline: 31st October 2018) Full Details HERE

b) White Label – First Pamphlet Competition:

With White Label collections we want to provide a home to poets for their first collections, however we would like to stress that there is no age limit or profile as we start to search for these. So whether you are 17 or 70, have just come to poetry or are returning home after living your life, we really want to read you. There are no age limits on talent and to my mind life experience counts for a lot. (Deadline: 31st October 2018) Full Details HERE

c) The Full Fat Collection Competition:

Before we decided on the competitions, I asked the Cult members what they thought and we had a pretty much even split between writers who wanted an opportunity for a first collection, and poets who have had collections before that are looking for a home for their next.

I’m pleased to say that David Mark Williams has agreed to judge our ‘Full Fat Collection Competition’ that will see us find at least one collection to be published in book or pamphlet form (depending on length) in 2019.  (Deadline: 30th November 2018) Full Details TBC

There will again be a number of Challenges coming along with the books, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

There are going to be NINE publications in the Cult parcel this time:

1. Tales of Prickly End #2:

The second edition of the Cult’s own magazine showcases some great poetry and has all the information our members need to enter the Hedgehog Press Competitions and Cult specific writing challenges.

2. A Restricted View From Under The Hedge, Issue#3:

Our third issue of ‘A Restricted View From Under The Hedge’ is showing signs of spreading its wings with another diverse selection of fine poetry and interesting interviews and reviews.

Full line-up TBC

3. David Mark Williams’ “Papaya Fantasia” Collection: 

David Mark Williams won our inaugural collection competition and we get the feeling that in Papaya Fantasia he has created a stunning set of poetry that will be earning him accolades for years to come. Following on from his quite brilliant debut, The Odd Sock Exchange, Papaya Fantasia shows a poet that has matured and developed his voice whilst becoming  increasingly confident in his ability to point out those parts of life that the rest of us can otherwise miss. David has a deceptive depth to his work and you can easily find yourself suddenly realising there was an extra layer, as the penny drops long after you have put the book down. This is a stunning collection that you will be reading time and again.

The collection is due to be officially released 15th November 2018 but Cult members will obviously get an early preview.

4. Sue Burge’s ‘Lumiere’ Collection: 

In her debut pamphlet, Sue Burge has captured the very essence of a Parisian dream. A residency in Paris allowed Sue the time to immerse herself both in the culture and the history of film centred in the City of Light, a passion for the cinema which she brings to life in Lumière.

Throughout Lumière Sue displays a unique and authentic voice, weaving a rich tapestry of emotions and unveiling an unflinching perspective. This is a confident and immensely impressive collection with an underlying humanity that richly rewards the reader and leaves you wondering what she will do next.

Sue Burge is a poet and freelance creative writing and film studies tutor based in North Norfolk. Lumière was written during a residency in Paris. This residency allowed Sue to combine her three great passions – Paris, poetry and the cinema in order to create a unique poetic response to the city’s cinematic legacy.

The collection is due to be officially released 15th November 2018 but Cult members will obviously get an early preview.

5. Stickleback: ‘Introducing The Band’ Anthology: 

Stickleback is a new type of magazine and is expected to be launched in October 2018. Splitting between ad-hoc anthologies and single poet micro collections, all issues will be available in PDF form for Free from the Hedgehog Press web site. Additionally, all of the micro collections will receive a print release in pamphlet form.

Introducing The Band is an exception to the rule as it is an anthology that introduces the reader to three poets who will be published by ourselves in November, Raine Geoghehan, Sue Burge & David Mark Williams, but which is also receiving a print release. Featuring four poems from each author these will be produced for a single limited run.

Introducing The Band is scheduled for release in November, but as ever Cult members will receive an early copy.

6. Stickleback: Gaynor Kane Micro Collection:

Our first single poet micro collection to be released under the Stickleback banner is by the wonderful Northern Irish poet, Gaynor Kane who quite simply was top of my list when I came to choose the Stickleback poets. This is scheduled for general release in October both in print and PDF form.

7. Stickleback: Mick Yates Micro Collection:

Mick Yates is one of my favourite poets and when I was deciding upon the first Sticklebacks, he was definitely right up there on the list. Mick’s Stickleback is scheduled for a November release, but as ever Cult members will see it a lot sooner.

8. Stickleback: Phil Vernon Micro Collection:

Another poet I’ve been itching to publish is Phil Vernon who over the last months has consistently produced poetry that both makes me think about things in a different way and often points out simple truths that I realise have been staring me in the face. Phil’s Stickleback won’t be seen in the wild until December, unless you join the Cult of course.

The overall aim with the Sticklebacks is to publish a single poet micro collection plus an anthology each month as a minimum. As ever, everything that makes it to print will find it’s way to the members of the Cult first.

9. ‘Songs to Learn & Sing’ Anthology: 

An anthology based on a musical concept and beautifully produced under the influence of Vinyl, Songs to Learn & Sing is a stunning collection of music inspired poetry. Featuring work from the competition of the same name, winner Ceinwen Haydon leads the way with her take on I Want To Hold Your Hand, and is joined by nineteen other poets who have chosen a favourite song, stolen the title and written a response poem influenced by the original.

Here we have 20 Golden Greats by Original Artists, we are sure that you will enjoy.

The Third Cult – The Holy Trinity – has been quite an undertaking and as usual we are intending to limit it to 100 members. All of the competitions will launch in September, with the publications and Challenges expected to be delivered to members by the end of September/start of October.

We don’t know of any other poetry publisher who is doing anything else like the Cult and it is probably worth pointing out that members receive all of the above for what is usually the cost of most small press publisher’s collection competitions.


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