Nigel Kent

About Nigel Kent

Nigel Kent is a poet living in rural Worcestershire. He is an active member of the Open University Poetry Association and occasional editor of its workshop magazine. He has been shortlisted for several national competitions and his poetry has appeared in a range of publications such as A Restricted View Under the Hedge, The Road to Clifton Pier, Lost things, Poems for Keeps, What the Elephant said to the Peacock, What the Peacock Replied, Persona non Grata, and The Pocket Book of Anger, South Poetry Magazine, Acumen, Eye Flash Poetry. His poetry conversation pamphlet, ‘A Hostile Environment’, written in collaboration with Sarah Thomson, was published by Hedgehog Poetry Press in January 2019, and a second conversation, ‘Thinking You Home’ in June 2019. His poetry has been translated and appeared in the literary journals, Pro Saeculum and Banchetul. Saudade’ is his first collection. He is currently writing a libretto for an opera with composer, Gilbert Biberian. You can follow Nigel  on Twitter @kent_nj


  • Title: Saudade
  • ISBN: 978-1916090804
  • Pages: 58
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‘‘Saudade’ captures the zeitgeist of an age seduced by social media with its images of idealised lives. Many of the characters in Nigel Kent’s first collection experience a deep sense of dissatisfaction and an irreconcilable longing for someone or something that they have either lost or never had. Sometimes this is because of unrealistic expectations, sometimes because of factors outside their control and sometimes because they have simply made wrong choices or decisions. He movingly conveys their yearning in poems that will ‘linger, linger, linger’.

Nigel Kent’s intimate poems provide a quiet mouthpiece for the disenchanted examining what it is to be human with all its frailties. They urge us to linger on the ineluctable question of what it is that makes life complete.

– Maggie Sawkins, author of ‘Zones of Avoidance’ and Winner of Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry, 2013.

‘Saudade’ paints poignant and memorable characters. From the father-son relationship, deflated by the father’s expectations for a sporty child, to illicit affairs and parental arguments, I was hooked. Kent searches for kindness, ‘wish/the world could see him/with a mother’s eyes’, in a world of hardship and betrayal.

– Isabelle Kenyon, editor of Fly on the Wall Poetry Press and nominee for Saboteur Reviewer of the Year 2019.

‘Saudade – the title has it and I can think of no-one better able to express in poetry an appreciation of what has been lost, and the pangs of loss, than Nigel Kent. These poems express an exquisite poignancy and demand to be read and re-read.’   

– Adrian Green, author of ‘Chorus and Coda’ and ‘All that Jazz and other poems