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Gaynor Kane fell into writing accidentally. At forty, instead of buying a mid-life crisis sports car, she started a degree with the Open University. She finished her BA (Hons) in Humanities with Literature in 2016, with a module on creative writing. Since then, she has been widely published and has been placed in several poetry competitions. Now, at fifty, she is happy to be publishing her full collection, Venus in pink marble. It was always her aspiration that this collection would come into the world in 2020, she just didn’t think it would be amid a global pandemic. Gaynor has two other publications with The Hedgehog Poetry Press, they are Circling the Sun (2018) and Memory Forest (2019). You can read more about them at

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  • Title: Venus in pink marble
  • ISBN: 978-1913499310
  • Pages: 98
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  • Order signed copies direct from Gaynor Kane at her web site HERE

Following the success of her thematically focused pamphlet Memory Forest, Gaynor Kane’s debut full collection of poems opens outwards as she explores her personal history. Venus in pink marble takes the reader on a narrative journey from heritage and place, through family and relationships, to poetry inspired by culture. Venus in Pink marble is poet and public servant, protector and rebel, proposition and paradox, with feminine strength.

Maria McManus, author of Available Light , described it as,

“Kane’s poems are Ulster poems; authentic, lived, and as intimate as Super 8 films. Close reading gives us glimpses of the domestic and the near-past, reel on reel, frame by frame. As readers we are inside the poems, part of a narrative distinctly of place, of community, and of the familial. Days out, work, ancestry, landscape; these things are peopled with the weight of history and happenstance. The context she exposes is affectionate, but it is always also navigating rules, code and the complexities of a place and people riven with its distinct, hardwired contradictions; the past and the contemporary, cheek by jowl.”

Whilst Eileen Carney Hulme, author of The Stone Messenger said,

“In Venus in pink marble, Kane takes the reader on an honest journey through her own personal history and experiences. It is at once powerful and far reaching, unafraid to tackle big political themes or to offer a tender and loving exploration of family and relationships. The final section includes bold and imaginative perspectives on artwork moving the poems from inward to outward.”

  • Title: Memory Forest
  • ISBN: 978-1916090859
  • Pages: 44
  • Order from Amazon HERE
  • Order signed copies direct from Gaynor Kane at her web site HERE

Memory Forest finds Gaynor Kane preoccupied with the threshold between the living and the dead. It is a thematic collection which celebrates life and the lives of the dead in poems, that vary in tone and form, as they delve into burial rites across the world. Often merging faraway cultures and funereal practises with traditions closer to home, these poems immortalise the last wishes and instructions of the various poetic voices they inhabit. It’s a subject matter that many people avoid discussing. Gaynor was initially inspired by her family and their thoughts on how they would like their lives celebrated and hopes that these poems stimulate conversations between readers and their loved ones.

  • Title: Circling The Sun (Stickleback #001) 
  • ISSN: 2631-4126
  • Pages: 8
  • Order signed copies direct from Gaynor Kane at her web site HERE

“Circling The Sun was the very first issue of our Stickleback magazine / pamphlet hybrid. When the series started, which saw a limited print run alongside a Free to Download eBook edition, it was in part because I was desperate to get some of Gaynor’s work in print for Hedgehog. I never told her this, but it is totally true, Luckily for me, she fell for the cute pamphlets and it was enough to convince her that I may just be competent enough to be trusted with her collections proper. So that was my motivation, nefariously wheedly indeed, but it worked. What was astonishing was that Gaynor is an even better poet than I had realised at that point and she totally ‘got’ the concept and went away and created a small but perfectly meshed selection of poems on a single theme. It was astonishingly good and my only regret is that it was a limited run and so hasn’t received the credit, as a piece of work, that it probably deserved.”

      • Mark Davidson, from an unpublished ‘Interview with the publisher’, 2019.
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