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    Jt Smith
      “The Answer of Love”

      she is an angel covered in white stars

      she smiles, clouds begin to dissolve like rain

      she is a hunter who slays the romantics

      like me

      he offers her dreams to envision here

      he emulates her beauty with the touch of grace

      he walks alone, the night has lightened

      morning is saved for another kiss

      the sphere twirls around the sun

      she is remorse as the tears fill her heart

      if only

      maybe so blue will target the loveless

      the ones who never knew what tenderness is

      haunted by the shards of loss, pain enables the memory

      the ones who could hear the silence of tomorrow

      if only

      now is the reason to live, the random cliché

      no time to curse destiny with an iron hand

      she dances & whirls with her surrogate partner

      love will reach its destination, hark the sound of goodness

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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