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    I very much like nature poems and would like to enter this competition. Sorry to be so dense, but although the ‘blurb’ says, “The theme this time is very much nature,” it gives no other guidance and I’m being distracted by the competition’s title. Are the poems supposed to be about one of the following: trees, rivers, stones in rivers? Or are the poems expected to include all three of these? Is Rivers of Stone supposed to be the titles of all the poems (surely not). Is the theme supposed to be Rivers of Stone (this could lead to poems that are not about nature). What exactly are we supposed to be working on?


    This, like several other topics on here isn’t showing up any content/message – just post title & who posted, but not what was posted…?


    Hi Andy

    Rivers of Stone is just the title of the eventual anthology. In terms of a theme it is simply nature, however it inspires you or in truth, whatever that means to you.



    Thanks Mark

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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