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    Jt Smith

    “Semi-Naked Thoughts”

    Wandering through the wilderness of a crowded mind

    sometimes the hardest lessons leave us, alone without explanation

    as the blackbirds often seek shelter, protection from an

    unknown variable

    pricked and lacerated, blood only equates itself with roots of pain

    in a momentary time, this river of red will flow clean and soft

    this is our Universe no matter the colours of existence

    remember youth still rages like sweeping anger, in older voices

    the delicacy of a word to be true, forever sacred by name

    confession to the ego

    let me take control of whatever there is to grasp of life’s mess

    a highway to soul of consciousness is cluttered with detours and deterrants

    to remain on the road where no one else is the passenger, absolute

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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