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    Hi Wendy

    If you’re interested do drop me an email at x


    Hi Wendy,
    I’d be interested in a poetry conversation too. I’m interested in most subjects and forms. I love tanka, haiku, mondo, clerihew, ghazal and villanelle. But I’m still unsure of this forum and how to go about making contact.
    Yesterday I thought I’d replied to Rosie who was looking for a conversation partner, but today I can’t see my message on this forum, so I guess she hasn’t seen it either!
    Well, in case you manage to see this message and are interested to pursue a conversation with me, my email address is
    All the best,


    Hi all

    A couple of people have asked about pairing-up with poets that aren’t members of the Cult for this. I just wanted to say that that is fine – if people outside the Cult enter the competition, they only have to pay once as a pair, so it is no different (and as you don’t have to pay…)

    Sorry if that wasn’t clear 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to seeing all of these


    If anyone is still looking for a partner in crime?

    Callum Stewart

    Hi Zoë, I am. What be your daring and dastardly plan? Callum 🙂


    I’m starting to feel like Cilla around here … 🙂

    Phil Santus

    Hi all, I’m looking for a collaborator for a poetic conversation on childhood and the relationship to the adult that the child will become. I envisage it as a string of short poems with a varied style – from traditional (structure and rhyme) through to free form, and anything in between. Working title: The Child Within. It would encompass pools of sorrow and shades of joy (to misquote John Lennon). Please let me know if you are interested. Here is my suggestion for the first poem, a scene-setter to get things started:

    The toddler

    When he was a toddler,
    my grandson used to play
    with locks and keys and handles,
    he’d try to find a way
    to open up the doors and gates
    that held him back each day.

    I think I’m like a toddler,
    I’ve tried to find a way
    to open up life’s padlocks
    that hold me back in play,
    to understand the universe,
    the world, its night and day.

    Best regards, Phil


    Hi Zoe, I’m looking for a partner too. Do you have a particular theme you’d be interested in exploring?

    Jt Smith

    I am a relative neophyte to this revered group.

    i’d like to collaborate with someone (gender is optional)

    i often dabble in “magical realism” and free verse

    haikus are cool too. it expands the boundaries of space and consciousness.

    so if u feel motivated or less there of, please do not hesitate to contact thee.

    Take care now

    & Godspeed


    Callum Stewart

    Good day to you young neophyte,

    Magical realism, ah, I would say that might be a boys/girls best friend. I like to think of it like watching Twin Peaks on acid. So if perchance you wish to converse and deliberate with someone to explore and expand our understanding of the unknown, then I, as they say, could be your guy.

    (Self admitted nerd)

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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