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    Jt Smith

    “A Finite Taste for Space”

    since the dawn of humankind
    we peered skyward

    curious of an unknown universe, a mystery of imploding supernovas

    to be mined and charted like
    rusted, old stars dangled in a nameless constellation

    as a youth that thrived for secrets provided by obelisks
    into adulthood, the realisation that all things must depart

    cosmic rockets guided me to creation, safe and generic

    but home is a temporary place that co-exists in all of us

    we summon the end of civilization like a tarot card of Death

    love only matters to the earth-bound misfits
    with their machines elevated

    the Universe is ignored with its flash and flicker in the heart of noise

    knowledge is foresaken, left stranded in a wineskin bottle
    providence claims another outer rim of explorers

    like an errant vessel without a compass or captain, to wade deep in an anonymous sea

    thousands of years have ellipsed, our race is deserted on the dark end of the moon

    pyramids were constructed by Nubian slaves

    they prayed to Sun Ra for goodness and harvest

    Mars is so far away, still eluding our primitive technology

    one day, dreams will be accessed by a higher power

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