Forthcoming Titles

We are a new press, but we have been quite busy already and are proud to say that we have been slowly planning our list for the coming year and already have some quite wonderful poets joining the ranks of the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

October 2018:

  1. Stickleback I: Gaynor Kane
  2. Stickleback: Introducing The Band
    Sue Burge, Raine Geoghegan & David Mark Williams

November 2018:

  1. Raine Geoghegan “Apple Water : Povel Panni”
  2. David Mark Williams “Papaya Fantasia”
  3. Sue Burge “Lumière”
  4. Various  “Songs to Learn & Sing”
  5. Stickleback II: Mick Yates
  6. Stickleback: “Ode To A Hedgehog”

December 2018:

  1. Karen Dennison “Paper House”
  2. Stickleback III: Phil Vernon
  3. Stickleback: “The Fauxlaroid Chronicles”

January 2019:

  1. Kristin Garth “Shakespeare for Sociopaths”
  2. Stickleback IV: Melissa Fu
  3. Stickleback: “Introducing The Band : Volume 2”
    Kristin Garth & Karen Dennison

February 2019:

  1. Karen Dennison “Paper House”
  2. Stickleback V: Kate Garett
  3. Stickleback: “Dear Whoever”

March 2019:

  1. Songs of Lenin & McCarthy
  2. Stickleback VI: CR Smith
  3. Stickleback: “The Day That Is Today”

April 2019:

  1. Matt Duggan “Woodworm”
  2. Kristin Garth “Candy Cigarette Womanchild Noir”
  3. Amy Alexander “The Legend of the Kettle Daughter”

May 2019:

  1. Various “Songs of Lenin & McCarthy”

July 2019:

  1. Elisabeth Horan “The Pledge”
  2. Various “A Portrait of a Narcissist as a Young Man”