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David Mark Williams

David Mark Williams lives in south west Scotland and writes poetry and short fiction. He is widely published in magazines and anthologies. His poems have won prizes in several competitions. He has been shortlisted for the Montreal Poetry Prize and the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award and won Second Prize in the New Zealand Poetry Society International Competition. His first full length collection of poetryThe Odd Sock Exchangewas published by Cinnamon Press in 2015.

This year he won the inaugural Hedgehog Press Slim Volume of One’s Own Competition. His short fiction has appeared in several anthologies from Liquorice Fish Books and in The Cinnamon Review of Short Fiction (2018). Some of his poem performances have been made into short films by photographer, Kim Ayres, and are available to view on You Tube.

  • Title: Papaya Fantasia
  • ISBN: 978-1999640255
  • Pages: 58
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“What can I say about a collection featuring a singing and dancing papaya, a pesky street character known as Noman, a Vaudeville mime artist who performs in an A road lay-by and a Flat Earth advocate, to mention only a few? When people put me on the spot and ask me what my poems are about, I am usually lost for words. But then I am often lost for words. Conversation isn’t really my thing. Perhaps that’s why I write poems in the first place. Papaya Fantasia is a bus journey, it’s a variety show, a long wave broadcast, a comedy-horror B film and a cut-up autobiography.”

– David Mark Williams