‘Full Fat Poetry’ Collection Competition – RESULTS

What a competition! This, I think has proven to be the hardest of our competitions to judge to date as the standard was extremely high. I can only imagine that ‘Lockdown’ has helped people focus on their work and productivity has gone through the roof.

As ever though there has to be a winner – although I must admit we have ended-up with Two as I genuinely couldn’t divide two poets.

I am very much pleased to announce the winners of our Full Fat Poetry Collection Competition, who will have their collections published in 2021, are:

The Shortlisted Poets, are:

  1. Ash Seagrove
  2. Beth Brooke
  3. Christopher L Perry
  4. Charlotte Domanski
  5. Jenna Plewes
  6. Margaret Royall
  7. Lizzie Holden
  8. Andrew Stickland
  9. Luigi Marchini
  10. Chris Burleigh

I am really pleased to say that MARGARET ROYALL and JENNA PLEWES were the overall winners.

I should also say that both Christopher L Perry and Charlotte Domanski are to be regarded as ‘Highly Commended.’

Thank you again to everybody that took the time to collate their work and submit it for this.

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‘Selected or Neglected’ Book Collection Competition – RESULTS

I’m really pleased to say that after a great deal of (enjoyable) reading, I’m pleased to be able to announce both the winner and shortlisted poets for our second annual ‘Selected or Neglected’ Book Collection Competition.

The Shortlisted Poets, are:

  1. Alison Lock
  2. Anna Nolan
  3. Christopher L Perry
  4. Ellie Rees
  5. Gavin Bourke
  6. Margaret Royall
  7. Patricia M. Osborne
  8. Peter Pegnall
  9. Roger Elkin
  10. Tina Cryer

This was a horrendously hard decision that has taken me far longer than intended, but I am really pleased to say that Ellie Rees was the overall winner and will be invited to have her collection published in beautiful book form during 2021..

This is much deserved, but I should also say that both Peter Pegnall and Alison Lock are to be regarded as ‘Highly Commended.’

Thank you again to everybody that took the time to collate their work and submit it for this.

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“White Label – Quatre” – First Collection Competition : Results

I hope that this finds you well? It is like Emergency Ward Ten around here right now, but we soldier on as only delinquent Hogs can.

But I’m happy to say that poetry, like rust and my receding hairline doesn’t ever stand still and so I am pleased and proud to be able to announce that I have selected three quite brilliant collections as the winners for our fourth ‘White Label’ competition.

I hope that you will join me in congratulating:

1. Carol McKay
2. Phil Santus, and
3. Judith Wozniak

on winning the competition and having their debut collections published by the Hedgehog Press in the coming months.

As ever it was a ridiculously difficult decision, but I enjoyed every minute of it, so many thanks to everybody that took part.

If you weren’t eligible for the First Collection award this time, we do have the ‘Selected or Neglected’ competition closing this month along with other competitions on the horizon.

You can see all of the competitions HERE if you are interested or even if you aren’t.

These are strange days and on one level I wonder whether I should just let the Hedgehog hibernate until it has all blown over, but I think we all need something else that doesn’t involve fighting over Andrex and so as ever, and probably now more than ever – if you wish to enter one of our competitions but money is tight, just drop me a line at poetry@hedgehogpress.co.uk and I will pay for your entry. No questions asked or explanations required.

I can’t say that I can do it for everybody, but I would rather you entered if you want to, so just say. It is precious little in the grander scheme, let’s face it.

All the best & make sure that you look after you and yours,


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Prickly Shorts & Sticklebacking – RESULTS

Well, I’m pleased and verily proud to be able to say that after much dithering, I am able to announce the results for both our Prickly Shorts and Sticklebacking competitions.

If you remember, or if you don’t, the Prickly Shorts competitions will see our three winners having their short story beautifully published this year as part of our new series of wee pamphlets.

Similarly, our three Sticklebacking heroes will see their names on the front of one of our lovely Sticklebacks.

All will hopefully be published this year.

But to the winners, and I would very much like to congratulate all of them and thank everybody that joined in.

Prickly Shorts Winners:

      1. Oz Hardwick
      2. Patricia M. Osborne, and
      3. Janet Philo

Sticklebacking Winners:

      1. Jude Alexzander
      2. Jack B. Bedell, and
      3. Stephen Bone


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‘Heroine Eyes – Celebrating Poetry By Women’ – RESULTS

One of the things I really wanted us to do at Hedgehog this year, is to highlight some of the brilliant Women poets that perhaps haven’t received history’s recognition.

Our Heroine Eyes competition asked contemporary poets to celebrate a female poet and I have to say that some of the results were astonishingly good.

One poet stood out with her nod toward Edith Nesbit, and I am pleased to say that Marjorie Smith was ultimately selected as our overall winner.

As for the shortlisted poets, each of these will be invited to have their work included in our ‘Heroine Eyes’ anthology later this year.

The full shortlist, is:

  1. Marjorie Smith
  2. Alexander J Gifford
  3. Andrea Reisenauer
  4. Andrew Stickland
  5. Bethany Stuart
  6. Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon
  7. Caroline Wheeler
  8. Desmond Childs
  9. Fiona Hallett
  10. Genya Johnson
  11. Hazel Hutchinson
  12. Isabella Bornholt
  13. Kathryn Timmons
  14. Renée Sigel
  15. Maryam Hessavi
  16. Mick Yates
  17. Phil Santus
  18. Sarah Wimbush
  19. Val Ormrod
  20. Verity High-Five

As ever, many thanks to everybody who took part in the competition, it is always a total joy to read your work.

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Nicely Folded Trois Pamphlet and Something Slim Novella Competitions – And the Winners Are….

I have to say that it has been quite exciting working my way through both of these competitions over the last month or so, and as ever it would have been quite easy to choose a lot more people to be published by The Hedgehog Press than intended. But unfortunately, it can’t be that way and in the end I have to make choices and so I am proud to say that the winners are…

Nicely Folded Paper Trois

The aim of our Nicely Folded paper Competitions is always to find Collections of Poetry to be published by Hedgehog. These can be first collections, or something a little bigger and to date it has proven to be our most successful.

This time I am proud to say that we have Three Collections to be published, from:

                  1. Gavin Bourke
                  2. Pratibha Castle, and
                  3. Peter A. Kelly

All of the collections should be published in 2020 and I would like to congratulate all three of the winners.

Something Slim : A Novella Competition

This, the first competition for writers of Prose that we have had at Hedgehog is something a little special. We are aiming to publish a single Novella each year, and so in judging this I have to say that I felt a little more pressure than normal.

I genuinely didn’t have a clue how many entries we would receive, but of far more importance was the quality and I could have (again) chosen so many, but in the end resources mean that there could only be one.

So I am proud, pleased and rather stunned to be able to announce, that the first winner of our ‘Something Slim’ competition, is

J.P. Jackson

for his beautifully constructed and not a little surreal, ‘Misha’ which we are aiming to publish during 2020.

Thank you again to everybody who has entered the competitions and congratulations to Gavin, Pratibha, Peter and J.P.

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Full Fat Collection Competition – Deux : Results

I am more than verily pleased to be able to announce the results of the second Full Fat Collection Competition, that will see the winner have their collection published in (with all due humility) quite beautiful paperback book form.

The original aim of the competition was to find a single collection, but I am happy to say that in the end I couldn’t split two entries and so have decided to announce them as joint winners, and that if the poets still want to, we will be publishing them in 2020.

The Shortlisted poets were:

  1. Adrian Buckner
  2. Alastair Hesp
  3. Ali Jones
  4. Cherry Combe
  5. Gavin Bourke
  6. Katharine May
  7. Patricia Hamilton
  8. Roger Elkin
  9. Sanjeev Sethi
  10. Valerie Bence

And I am really, really pleased to say that the TWO WINNERS are




Congratulations to everybody that was shortlisted and many, many thanks to everybody who took the time to enter. I need a cup of tea.


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“Postcards From The Hedge: A Bestiary of the Night” Competition – RESULTS

Postcards From The Hedge - A Bestiary of the Night Competition

Postcards From The Hedge - A Bestiary of the Night CompetitionWell, a little later than intended, but I am pleased and proud and many types of chuffed to be able to announce the winner and shortlisted poets of our ‘Bestiary of the Night’ competition.

As you may remember, our winner will get a cash prize and see their poem reproduced on one of our beautiful Artcards.

Additionally, they will join the rest of the shortlisted poets in our own wee Bestiary to be published in 2020.

So with no more natter, our shortlisted poets are:

  1. Anna Teresa Slater
  2. Anne Casey
  3. Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon
  4. Darren Beaney
  5. Desmond Childs
  6. Genya Johnson
  7. Karen Middleton
  8. Nick Toczek
  9. Pratibha Castle
  10. Simon Buckland
  11. Val Ormrod

And I am hyperventilating to be able to announce that our


is the quite legendary


for his poem


Many congratulations to all of the shortlisted poets, especially to Des who incidentally (and I am very pleased to be able to say that the competition was judged anonymously when I do) was the very first member of our Cult of the Spiny Hog.

#001 indeed.

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“White Label Collection – Trois” First Collection Pamphlet Competition – RESULTS

Well, what a busy day, but I am pleased to be able to announce the Three winners of our White Label – Trois First Collection Competition, that will see Hedgehog publish three pamphlets during 2020.

I know every-judge-ever says the same thing, and it isn’t always true, I’m sure, but this proved to be the most difficult choice I’ve had to make to date as there was a stunning selection of diverse poetry styles and subjects which is just how I like it.

In the end each of the three poets I’ve chosen brought something a little different that I couldn’t ignore and I guess that is what it is all about.

Saying that, there are a few others that came close that I may well be speaking to regardless of the competition.

But enough blather, and I’m proud to announce our winners as:


  1. Brendon Booth-Jones – Vertigo to Go
  2. Damien B. Donnelly – In the Garden of the Many Meadows of my Mind 
  3. Lucy Crispin – shades of blue

Congratulations to the winners and as ever, many thank to everybody that took part in the competition.


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“The Tree Poets: Rivers of Stone” Pamphlet Competition RESULTS

Well, today is a busy Competition Results day (not quite X-Factor, but there we are, we can but aspire) and I’m really pleased that so many newly minted Hoglets will be joining our ranks by tea time.

First of the Three is my own favourite pet project, our Tree Poets : Rivers of Stone Competition, that will see Three winners share a pamphlet.

This will be the third in the series and I am as proud as a punchy punch that our winners are:

  1. Peter Burrows
  2. Phil Vernon
  3. Tista Austin

The collection will be published in 2020.

Many thanks to everybody that entered the competition, it is very much appreciated.

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