Full Fat Collection Competition – Deux : Results

I am more than verily pleased to be able to announce the results of the second Full Fat Collection Competition, that will see the winner have their collection published in (with all due humility) quite beautiful paperback book form.

The original aim of the competition was to find a single collection, but I am happy to say that in the end I couldn’t split two entries and so have decided to announce them as joint winners, and that if the poets still want to, we will be publishing them in 2020.

The Shortlisted poets were:

  1. Adrian Buckner
  2. Alastair Hesp
  3. Ali Jones
  4. Cherry Combe
  5. Gavin Bourke
  6. Katharine May
  7. Patricia Hamilton
  8. Roger Elkin
  9. Sanjeev Sethi
  10. Valerie Bence

And I am really, really pleased to say that the TWO WINNERS are




Congratulations to everybody that was shortlisted and many, many thanks to everybody who took the time to enter. I need a cup of tea.


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“Postcards From The Hedge: A Bestiary of the Night” Competition – RESULTS

Postcards From The Hedge - A Bestiary of the Night Competition

Postcards From The Hedge - A Bestiary of the Night CompetitionWell, a little later than intended, but I am pleased and proud and many types of chuffed to be able to announce the winner and shortlisted poets of our ‘Bestiary of the Night’ competition.

As you may remember, our winner will get a cash prize and see their poem reproduced on one of our beautiful Artcards.

Additionally, they will join the rest of the shortlisted poets in our own wee Bestiary to be published in 2020.

So with no more natter, our shortlisted poets are:

  1. Anna Teresa Slater
  2. Anne Casey
  3. Ceinwen E. Cariad Haydon
  4. Darren Beaney
  5. Desmond Childs
  6. Genya Johnson
  7. Karen Middleton
  8. Nick Toczek
  9. Pratibha Castle
  10. Simon Buckland
  11. Val Ormrod

And I am hyperventilating to be able to announce that our


is the quite legendary


for his poem


Many congratulations to all of the shortlisted poets, especially to Des who incidentally (and I am very pleased to be able to say that the competition was judged anonymously when I do) was the very first member of our Cult of the Spiny Hog.

#001 indeed.

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“White Label Collection – Trois” First Collection Pamphlet Competition – RESULTS

Well, what a busy day, but I am pleased to be able to announce the Three winners of our White Label – Trois First Collection Competition, that will see Hedgehog publish three pamphlets during 2020.

I know every-judge-ever says the same thing, and it isn’t always true, I’m sure, but this proved to be the most difficult choice I’ve had to make to date as there was a stunning selection of diverse poetry styles and subjects which is just how I like it.

In the end each of the three poets I’ve chosen brought something a little different that I couldn’t ignore and I guess that is what it is all about.

Saying that, there are a few others that came close that I may well be speaking to regardless of the competition.

But enough blather, and I’m proud to announce our winners as:


  1. Brendon Booth-Jones – Vertigo to Go
  2. Damien B. Donnelly – In the Garden of the Many Meadows of my Mind 
  3. Lucy Crispin – shades of blue

Congratulations to the winners and as ever, many thank to everybody that took part in the competition.


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“The Tree Poets: Rivers of Stone” Pamphlet Competition RESULTS

Well, today is a busy Competition Results day (not quite X-Factor, but there we are, we can but aspire) and I’m really pleased that so many newly minted Hoglets will be joining our ranks by tea time.

First of the Three is my own favourite pet project, our Tree Poets : Rivers of Stone Competition, that will see Three winners share a pamphlet.

This will be the third in the series and I am as proud as a punchy punch that our winners are:

  1. Peter Burrows
  2. Phil Vernon
  3. Tista Austin

The collection will be published in 2020.

Many thanks to everybody that entered the competition, it is very much appreciated.

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“Conversationally Speaking” – Results

I’m many kinds of pleased to be able to announce that the awesome Nigel Kent and Sarah Thomson have finished their deliberations and that I can now announce the results of our ‘Conversationally Speaking’ Competition. If you remember, the idea is that we would look for a conversation in verse where two poets choose a topic and collaborate to produce a body of work where each poem is a response to the one before.

Sarah and Nigel have already produced two Conversations for Hedgehog which have been published already and I was delighted when they agreed to bring their unique knowledge to the idea to the judging and I would like to thank them both for the hard work and time they have put into the process.

Judges Report:
“We must say we were in awe of the stamina, effort and vigour which informed each of the submissions. Every entry was clearly the product of a significant investment of time and we enjoyed reading the variety of approaches and subjects. There were some stunning individual poems and we commend every collaborative pair who submitted and hope that whilst your submission may not have made the short-list, you will have found the process rewarding.

We looked for a collection that demonstrated evenness in quality, each poem, needing to demonstrate originality, inventiveness and accomplishment in both style and form. In addition, the collection needed to have a coherent call-response structure: we looked at how each poem related to the poems that preceded and followed it. The winner, Dawn Gorman & Rosie Jackson’s ‘Aloneness is a many-headed bird’ impressed us because it not only fulfilled all these criteria but it also immediately drew the reader into the conversation between the two poets on both an intellectual and an emotional level and sustained attention from start to finish. It was a very impressive piece of work!”

Nigel Kent & Sarah Thomson
July 2019

The full results are:

Winners: Dawn Gorman & Rosie Jackson ‘Aloneness is a many-headed bird’

Runner up: Rae Howells and Jean James ‘Bloom and Bones’

Both Dawn and Rosie and Rae and Jean have been invited to have their Conversations published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Highly Commended:

  1. Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe & Diana Devlin ‘Dancing with Ghosts’
  2. Hugh McMillan and Jane Frank ‘A Kist and a Field of Stars’
  3. Maureen Cullen and Patricia M Osborne ‘Sherry and Sparkly’
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‘Selected or Neglected’ Book Collection Competition – RESULTS

I’m really pleased to say that after a great deal of (enjoyable) reading, I’m pleased to be able to announce both the winner and shortlisted poets for our first annual ‘Selected or Neglected’ Book Collection Competition.

The Shortlisted Poets, are:

1. Alison Lock
2. Charlotte Domanski
3. Gerry Stewart
4. Janet Philo
5. Maggie Mackay
6. Martin Malone
7. Patrick Osada
8. Phil Hawtin
9. Ross McGivern
10. Tanya Prudente

This was a ridiculously difficult decision, especially given the diversity of style across the shortlist, but in the end I am really pleased to say that Gerry Stewart was the overall winner and will be invited to have her collection published in beautiful book form during 2020.

This is much deserved, but I should also say that both Martin Malone and Tanya Prudente are to be regarded as ‘Highly Commended.’

Thank you again to everybody that took the time to collate their work and submit it for this.

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‘Handwrite Me a Poem About…Your Best Friend’ – RESULTS

I’m really pleased to say that our ‘Your Best Friend’ competition was well supported and that I have had a fine few weeks reading through the poems.

As ever, the standard was high and the interpretation of the theme eclectic, which is just how I like it, and so choosing a shortlist and eventual overall winner quite the challenge. But there always has to be one and so I am pleased to announce that the 20 Shortlisted Poets who will see their poem appear in a Hedgehog Press Anthology later this year, are:

1. Anna Teresa Slater

2. Anne Dunford

3. Belinda Johnston

4. Colin Glover

5. Dani Gatti

6. Douglas Cousins

7. Georgina Titmus

8. Hayley Pearce

9. Kathryn Slattery

10. Margaret Royall

11. Laura Eyres

12. Mick Yates

13. Peter Iveson

14. Phil Santus

15. Raine Geoghegan

16. Steven Jackson

17. Tammy Swift-Adams

18. Val Ormrod

19. Vicky Allen

20. Vusi Sibanda

As for the overall winner, I am really chuffed to say that it is

Anne Dunford, for her poem ‘If I Were A Cat…’

Anne will receive her prize of £100 and will see her poem printed on one of our lovely Artcards.

Many thanks to everybody that took the time to enter, it is very much appreciated.

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‘Lenin & McCarthy’ Competition – RESULTS

I’m really rather pleased to (finally) announce the results for our ‘Songs of Lenin & McCarthy’ Competition, but first an apology.

Over the last six months, unfortunately things haven’t exactly run smoothly and  for many reasons this has managed to get in the way of a lot of the things I have been planning and trying to do with the Hedgehog Press.  I don’t really want to make excuses, but in trying to catch-up with other things, one that has taken me an age to get on top of has been this competition. Which is a shame as it is one that I was particularly keen on when I organised it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say sorry to everybody that has entered and had to wait an age for the results, but we got here in the end and there we are.

So long overdue they may be, but I’m really (really) pleased to be able to announce that the shortlisted poets who will have their poem included in the ‘Songs of Lenin & McCarthy’ anthology early next year:

1. Abi Roper

2. AJ Goryn

3. Anne Maguire

4. Belinda Rimmer

5. Carl Griffin

6. Carol Rosalind Smith

7. Ceinwen Haydon

8. Darren Beaney

9. Debjani Chatterjee

10. Denni Turp

11. Gaynor Kane

12. Genya Johnson

13. Geraldine Dudley

14. Isabelle Kenyon

15. Jenna Plewes (Selvas)

16. Karen Mooney

17. Kevan Taplin

18. Martin Malone

19. Patricia Bennett

20. Therese Kieran

The Overall Winner, who will receive a prize of £100, is: Anne Maguire

Additionally, Two Highly Commended Runners-up, Gaynor Kane and Karen Mooney will each receive a Prize of £25

I’d like to thank everybody who entered for their patience and importantly, apologise to the ever tolerant Matt Duggan who was originally scheduled to judge the competition. None of the issues were down to Matt who has been a total gent throughout and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted any blame attached to him for something that was quite simply out of his control. All mistakes are my own, as they say.

All the best

Mark Davidson
The Hedgehog Poetry Press

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White Label -Deux – First Collection Competition RESULTS

I’m really rather proud to be able to announce the winners of our second White Label First Collection Competition.

If you remember the aim was to find three, quite brilliant first collections to be published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

We were looking for something special and it was a horrible process even to get it down to a short list of six, all of whom could easily have made the final three.

In the end, I’m pleased to say that I decided to blow the budget (as though we had one) and am in fact inviting all of the Six Shortlisted Poets to have their collection published as a pamphlet by the Hedgehog Press.

So congratulations to:

  1. Francoise Chouinard
  2. Gaynor Kane
  3. Leung Rachel Ka Yin
  4. Michal Choiński
  5. Sue Norton, and
  6. Vicky Allen

…who I hope you will enjoy reading in the near future.

I’d like to thank everybody who entered the competition, the standard was, as ever, quite incredible.

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RESULTS: The 1st Annual Cupid’s Arrow Love Poem Competition

We are really proud to announce the results of our ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ competition to find the perfect Love Poem and that the winner is the quite brilliant Eileen Carney Hulme.

The full shortlist, was:

Eileen Carney Hulme
Aimee Hill
Oz Hardwick
Peter Burrows
S.A. Leavesley
Aaron Sheldrake
Mehran Waheed
Dani Salvadori
Ama Bolton
Demi Anter
Tammy Swift-Adams
Renée Ballerini-Sigel
Diana Devlin
Mono Ghose
William Paul Trapani
Missy Reddy
John Maxwell O’Brien
Dawn Bauling
Phil Hawtin
Natalie Crick

This has proven to be the most popular competition yet and I’d like to thank everybody who entered for making my life quite so difficult.

I’m also really pleased to say that we will be publishing the shortlisted poems in a special edition of Stickleback which will be available in April.


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