An Invitation From Carl Griffin – A Call For Poetry Fragments

We heard from Indigo Dreams Poet, Carl Griffin, regarding his idea to recognise the times through poetry.

This looked a fine project and I am happy to share it here.

Please contact Carl direct, as below and pass the word on if you can.


A Message From Carl Griffin

If you are interested in submitting work, please send it direct to Carl at:

“I’m trying to form a book-length poem of fragments about the coronavirus, with as many voices (writers) as possible. In case this ends up being like the plague or the fire of London (by which I mean an infamous historical event), I think it would be great to have the best writers’ poetic perspective on it, while it is happening.

I’m not looking for full poems on the subject as that could get stale quite quickly. Instead, I’m looking for poetry or prose-poem fragments (think Salt by David Harsent), coming from any angle, preferably not too obvious, from one line to half a page. They don’t have to speak directly of the virus, although they can. Sometimes the best lines about what is happening right now might be when you’re writing about something else. As long it was written since the coronavirus began, I can work with it. One fragment or twenty, I don’t mind.

I cannot pay you as there will be lots of writers involved (although this will be one poem rather than an anthology), but all profits will go to charity anyway, to avoid the hassle of paying everyone 5p a month or whatever.

I would like fragments sent by beginning of May, or at least an early draft as all poets can edit and re-send their fragments, or send additional contributions, although just an acknowledgement of interest will do initially. I will later share the finished fragments around so the other poets can edit their fragments to really fit together, if they wish.

I am published by Indigo Dreams Publishing (UK), but I have not yet approached any publishers to see who would like to publish this. But if it ends up being as good as I think it can, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a publisher.

Hope you are coping well”


Carl Griffin