Here at The Hedgehog Poetry Press, we are somewhat humbled and very much proud to have been able to publish a variety of single poet collections, from:

  1. David Mark Williams
  2. Raine Geoghegan
  3. Sue Burge
  4. James Simpson
  5. Karen Dennison
  6. Kristin Garth
  7. Oz Hardwick
  8. Amy Alexander
  9. Matt Duggan
  10. Nigel Kent

One thing we are very much keen on is that wherever possible, people buy the books direct from the poets. This is better for you as a lover of poetry as the poets are usually more than happy to sign or annotate copies, which makes them truly unique, and of course it is much better for the author as for once they get the majority of the pennies without sharing it with anonymous on-line booksellers and other retail giants. It is brilliant that you want to support our poets and this is definitely the best of ways.