“And I’m Feelin’ Good – Trois” – Over 30s First Collection Pamphlet Competition – RESULTS

I do so love the poetry we are receiving at the moment, despite the fact it makes my job so tricky when it comes to judging competitions.

And tricky it was this time too, but in the end there has to be one – or in this case two (I really couldn’t choose) winners, and I hope once they are published the collections will be ones that you enjoy as much as I have.

But before we get to the winners, I’m pleased to be able to announce that we have a shortlist, of:

      1. Elizabeth Barton (Highly Commended)
      2. David Pioli
      3. Sam Egelstaff
      4. Rebecca Lacey
      5. Annie Maclean (Commended)
      6. Rhiannon Lewis
      7. Fiona Halliday
      8. Sylvia Clare
      9. Annie Slater, and
      10. Wendy Jett

As ever though, there can only be a single winner, even if there are sometimes two that I can’t choose between, so I am very much pleased to congratulate

Rhiannon Lewis


Fiona Halliday

on their wins, and look forward to publishing them both during 2023.

So Congratulations to Rhiannon and Fiona, and a very many thanks to all that entered.



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