Pre-Orders are OPEN: “A Desire For Disaster” – Katie Proctor

Some poets are truly special and 19-year-old Katie Proctor, here with her third collection, ‘A Desire For Disaster’ definitely comes into that category.

Available on the 24th of June, I’m pleased to say that Pre-Orders are now open – and as ever you can get signed copies direct from Katie.

Find out how to Pre-order Here

To Order Signed Copies direct from Katie HERE

Katie Proctor (they/them) is a 19 year old poet from Yorkshire, England. They write freeform poetry and prose typically regarding their experience with love, relationships and mental health. They are the author of Seasons (2020), HELICOPTER HONEY (2022) and A Desire for Disaster (2022). They are the editor-in-chief of celestite poetry, a journal of creative writing. They are currently on a gap year, and will be studying English and Related Literature at the University of York in 2022. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram @katiiewrites and online at


“Katie Proctor’s A Desire for Disaster is a collection of unabashed poems that humanize (self) destruction, looking into the face of its execution and aftermath. Revelry for disaster is woven into codependency, devotion, and compulsion as metaphor keeps the reader feeling romanced. The flow of the collection keeps the theme in hand at all times, with enough surfacing into optimism to prove that our poet is “not a lost cause just yet.” This is a collection to read on the brink of action, when the potential energy you’ve stored holding yourself back from disaster invites you to pace around your kitchen. Proctor’s words resonate, they justify the emotions they elicit. You’ll find something of yourself in this collection, as our poet has found something in you.”


-Madison Fay Ford, M.A., Editor in Chief Mycelium Magazine

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