Cult of the Spiny Hog: March Challenge – “Children of the Revolution – A Lifetime of Change”


The March Cult Challenge


        1. Margaret Royall
        2. John Gosnell
        3. Phil Santus
        4. Caroline Gill
        5. Kate Young
        6. Simon Tindale
        7. Emma Lord
        8. Kathryn Ratzko
        9. Annie Maclean
        10. Nigel Kent
        11. Julie Stevens
        12. Patricia M Osborne
        13. Gavin Bourke
        14. Mick Yates

“Children of the Revolution – A Lifetime of Change”

I suppose I could have called this Challenge “The Times they are ‘a’ Changin”’ because that is really what it is about, but I’ve always preferred the sequins and tin foil of the Glam Rock years, and so Revolution it is.

But in truth Revolution is right as we are living – have all grown-up – in such a varied and dramatically changing time, socially, politically and certainly with the explosion of technology, that it is almost hard to find the adjectives needed to cover the way the world has been changed over the last few decades.

But you are poets and finding a way is in the job description, so that is the Challenge. Tell us the story of the Private Revolution YOU have experienced in the times between when you were a child and now. Focus on moments, not the bigger picture, and together we can paint a portrait of the Revolution, Baby!

The Challenge:

Write a Poem that describes a Private Revolution, a major zeitgeist ahem) change in your life. The poem can take any form, be any length, you decide.

The Prize:

    1. The Shortlisted poets will be included in a Stickleback Anthology to be published during 2022

The Rules:

    1. Poets should:
      1. Write a poem that describes a Private Revolution in their life
    2. Poems must be received by Midnight on the 31st of March 2022
    3. Entry is restricted to members of the Hedgehog Poetry Cult of the Spiny Hog
    4. Send your poem to:


If you aren’t a member of our wonderful Cult and are all kinds of curious, you can find out more HERE

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