Counting Down To A Hoggy Christmas -“Solastalgia” – Brian McManus

Brian McManus 'Solastalgia'
Brian McManus ‘Solastalgia’

There are poets who are great to read and there are others that are in some way important. With Brian McManus and his ability to capture the here and now and yet place it in a wider context, we have someone much more than that – he is somebody that it is important that you and indeed future generations read.

Solastalgia is not just a great book to read, it is more than that – it is important that it was written.

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“McManus has used great skill in building up his collection in Solastalgia.

He varies form and point of view, creating poignant poetry, stunning imagery and sound echoes throughout. ‘I Cried For You Today’ brought me close to tears. The reader won’t be disappointed.”

 Patricia M Osborne

‘A lasting memorial to those not coming back, and the end of the age of certainties.

Every disaster needs its commentators to keep our memories of such times alive, and to hold those responsible to account. McManus does that.’

– Nigel Kent, poet, author, reviewer. 

About Brian McManus

Brian McManus lives on the outskirts of Glasgow with his wife and enjoys the company of his children and grandchildren who live nearby. As a former Serious Crime Squad Detective Officer Brian played a central role in the international criminal enquiry following the terrorist bombing of a Pan Am jet airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 with the loss of 270 lives. His collection of poetry, prose and photographs recounting the events of those times was published as Blue Daze, Black Knights – The Story of Lockerbie in 1999. Having now stepped away from the world of work, Brian spends his time reading and writing poetry reflecting on our increasingly challenging world, and in his own small way holding to account those who abdicate their responsibility for managing it and the lack of support for those who inhabit it. Liar Liar, his previous book of poems, are the latest sure-footed steps on Brian’s very important journey, which includes other previous work published in past and pending poetry publications and online.

You can find out more about Brian’s work at his web site: or on Twitter @BrianOpenWorld

Product details

  • Paperback : 30 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1-913499-64-8
  • Product dimensions : 14.81 x 0.43 x 0.75 cm
  • Official Release Date: 14th June 2021

Buy a Signed Copy direct from Brian HERE

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