Counting Down To A Hoggy Christmas – “The Kitchen Sink Chronicles” – Adele Cordner

Some poets just get it, and Adele Cordner very much nailed the early days of a country confused by Lockdown as we moved together (or so we thought) into unknown territory.

Adele is a wonderful poet and this is an extremely special reminder of the strangest of times.

A fantastic Christmas gift, order a signed copy direct.

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The Kitchen Sink Chronicles was written during the first six months of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

The poems diarise the personal journey of a mother, from the initial sense of shock, panic and fear through to acceptance and the discovery of renewed strength and hope.

Adele’s experience of the pandemic as a mother of four, including a vulnerable son and a daughter who she was separated from during lockdown, reflects the experience of many people during this life-changing time. She tells her story, not for sympathy, but in the hope of building resilience through her writing.

Complemented by characterful line drawings by Florence Cordner, Adele’s daughter, the collection sensitively explores motherhood, illness, recovery, bereavement, survival, and the solace and salve of the natural world.

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About Adele Cordner

Adele is a mum of four from Newport in South Wales who has loved writing stories since she could hold a pencil. Her poetry has been published in various anthologies and magazines including Poems for Grenfell Tower, Ways To Peace and Red Poets Magazine. Adele has won prizes and commendations in many poetry competitions including The Plough Poetry Prize, Magic Oxygen Literary Competition, The Welsh Poetry Competition, Poetry on the Lake and the Segora Playwriting Competition. Her work focuses on both family life and her love of nature and the environment. Adele recently attained an MA (distinction) in Scriptwriting from Bath Spa University.


Product details

  • Paperback : 46 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1913499510
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1913499518
  • Dimensions : 14.81 x 0.28 x 21.01 cm
  • Official Release Date: 25th January 2021

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‘Tender, tense, Adele Cordner’s poems chronicle life in and beyond lockdown. She is eloquent and generous, whether she’s speaking out against the injustice of climate change or celebrating ‘the simple joy / of water’. These are poems of resilience and hope.’

  • Helen Mort

‘Adele Cordner’s lively sequence chronicles the impact of the pandemic not only on a family but on others in her circle. At times dramatic, but never self-pitying or sentimental, the poems bear witness to the gravity of the situation and to the depth of emotion it elicits. Though she writes in a variety of styles and moods, Cordner’s voice is distinctive and original, and these are poems of energy and compassion.’

  • Alison Mace

‘This collection brings us the voice of a mother coping with a large family, including a vulnerable son, during the pandemic. Adele Cordner’s fiercely protective love for her family, as well as compassion for friends facing their own difficulties, shines through in these poems which highlight the fear, anxieties and distress of getting through each day in difficult times.’

  • Val Ormrod

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