Competition Results: “Local People : A Dialect Poetry Pamphlet”

A year ago we ran our first Local People – Dialect Pamphlet competition, and it was won with a brilliant collection by Lynn Valentine which has since been critically acclaimed.

Dialect offers a richness and a reality that you often worry could be lost in the ‘homogenisation’ of language and poetry that the media imposes, for anything other than ‘local colour’, but I love the diversity it gives us and it was a total pleasure reading the entries this year.

But there has to be a winner, and I am pleased to announce that this year it is…


for his collection

“A Black Country Chap’s Life Of Rhyme

We also have two honourable mentions with:

        • Daniel Adey, Highly Commended, and
        • Roger Bloor, Highly Commended

John Morris will see his collection published in 2022.

A big Congratulations to John and thanks to everybody that made this such a fantastic competition.

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