‘Sticklebacking’ – A Poetry Micro-Collection Pamphlet Competition – RESULTS

Stephen Bone

Sticklebacking – A Micro Collection Pamphlet Competition – RESULTS

Well, I have to say that there were times that I almost regretted running our first Sticklebacking Competition as to be totally honest there were so many excellent entries that whittling it down to Three Winners seemed impossible.

And in the end it was, and so I am pleased to say that there are actually Four winning entries, with one of them being a collaboration – a first in Sticklebackland.

But I won’t drag it out as I am spectacularly proud to say that the winning entrants that will see their Stickleback published in the new year, are:

      1. January 2022: Stickleback: XXVI – Vic Pickup and Jules Whiting
      2. February 2022: Stickleback: XXVII – Marcus Smith
      3. March 2022: Stickleback: XXVIII – Ann Sydney
      4. April 2022: Stickleback: XXIX – Ankh Spice

So many thanks to the Winners and of course everybody else that took part in the competition. Sticklebacks have a definite place in my heart so I’m really pleased that 2022 will see them continue so strongly.

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