3rd Annual Cupid’s Arrow Love Poem Competition – RESULTS

Well, I know that this one is genuinely ‘eagerly awaited’ as people keep asking me about it, but every year the Cupid’s Arrow Competition gets more popular and much, much harder to judge, so it is truly worth the wait, even if the wait is longer than hoped. Probably.

But I’m pleased to say that we have got there in the end and none other than

Vicky Allen

is our Overall Winner,  and will be joined by our Shortlisted Poets in a wee anthology in the coming months.

The Full Shortlist is:

    1. Vicky Allen
    2. Kathy Finney
    3. Sarah Wheatley
    4. Lara Reid
    5. Eleni Cay
    6. Val Ormrod
    7. S.A Leavesley
    8. Margaret Royall
    9. Vankshita Mishra
    10. Patricia Ahern
    11. Richard Baker
    12. Fiona Halliday
    13. Iain Campbell
    14. Fred Milner
    15. Ankh Spice
    16. Kerry Darbishire
    17. Lenox (Wenzhi) Lin
    18. Giles Constable
    19. Marco Pirali
    20. Simon Tindale

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